How to beat ransomware and stay protected

beat ransomware and stay protected

The more we are associated with the world of the internet, the more vulnerable we are. With so much of malicious virus and software waiting to hunt down your personal information, it is indeed a risky business. A new arrival in the list of such evils is the ransomware. Once it affects your computers you are locked out of your own system until you pay them the demanded ransom.

This is a dangerous proposition and while not much can be done if affected we will give you some tips. These prevention tips will come in handy if you implement them and you can enjoy a safe time even when you are online.

Some tips on how to beat ransomware

  1. Backup the data in your device:Backup the data We often speak of nipping the problem in the bud and this is the biggest such example. The main power of a ransomware is the data that is valuable to you and you cannot access. If you have the practice of backing up your data on a regular basis, the threats from a ransomware are reduced significantly. Now even if you were to be attacked by one you would have the data they are holding you ransom to. However remember that the reach and access of ransomware is huge and it can even reach an external drive like the USB thumb drive.
  2. Disconnect WiFi or internet:This may only be partially successful as you may not end up being quick enough. But theoretically, if you think about how to beat ransomware, this isn’t a bad idea. It takes some time to have all your files encrypted. So if you suspect that you have been affected by a ransomware, as an emergency measure immediately disconnect your WiFi or other internet connections. Lose absolutely no time in doing so but let us inform you that even your quickest reaction may not be good enough. But still worth a try for sure.
  3. Show hidden file extensions:Show hidden file extensionsOne very potent way of a Cryptolocker attacking your computer is through a PDF exe file extension. You need to change the default windows setting which hides the known file extensions. You will find it much easier to spot a suspicious file when you change this setup and re enable seeing the extensions of the full files. In the times of threat from Cryptolockers this tactic can come in really handy and save you the potential troubles of being locked out of your own computer.
  4. Filter EXEs in email:This is an important step to follow in this guide to beating ransomware. They often land up in emails and by the time you open the file it is too late to stay protected. Thus, as a precautionary measure, make sure that the mail scanner can filter the files as per extension. In that case stay away from trouble by denying all mails that are sent with EXE files or with two file extensions. Use password protected ZIP files instead or uses the services of sound cloud and protects yourself from such malicious ware.
  5. Disable those files which run from App Data/Local App Data folders:Cryptolocker Cryptolocker functions with the aid of App Data or local app data folders. As a prevention measure you can set rules within Windows such that this kind of behavior is not permitted. But the problem is that you may have genuine software which cannot run from the Program files area and needs App Data area to run. In such cases, it needs to be excluded from the rules.
  6. Use Cryptolocker Prevention kit:This needs to be adopted among other prevention tips. This is created by Third Tier and this makes the making of Group policy of disabling the files running from App data automatic. This tool has the latest of updates and come with the new techniques to fend off ransomware. Just ensure from time to time that you have the latest version at your service.
  7. Update software:Update-softwareIf you are wondering how to beat ransomware, follow the policy of updating and patching the software from time to time. This is because those who use outdated software become a soft and easy target for the malware authors. Always have the automatic update system enabled so that you do not miss out on any sudden update taking place. Try to get as many updates as there exist in the market.
  8. Use reputable security suite:If you always have a software firewall and anti-malware software installed you should not worry too much about how to beat ransomware. You must have the two protection layers because the malware authors come up with new variants which try to avoid getting detected. If the malware software is so potent as to sneak past the anti-malware software, at least there is a chance that it would be intercepted by firewall.
  9. Use the facility of System Restore:This process helps you get back to a known clean state. The new versions of the cryptolockers come equipped such that it can delete all shadow files from the System Restore. So when you attempt replacing the malware damaged versions there is good chance that they would not be there. The executable files thus can be run and you would not know as it would be a normal part of the Window’s systems operations.
  10. Do not pay the random:Set back the BIOS clock if necessary but do not end up paying the ransom. There have been instances where people did not get their files back even after paying the ransom. Plus you would be promoting such criminal behavior through the payment of ransoms and that is not recommended.

Final words

Stay protected by following the simple instructions. The guide to beating ransomware is a lot about the precautions you adopt as a user. It is a treacherous world out there and so be on guard to protect yourself from such evil practices. You will thank us later if you take to these practices as fast as you can.

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