10 signs which show you are caffeine addict


Heaven forbid anyone who comes up to you before you’ve had your morning shot of coffee! If you’re an avid coffee drinker, black or latte, you probably cannot function without your caffeine. It’s not just coffee which has caffeine, its there in energy drinks, teas and colas. Though a few cups of coffee will not cause any harm, there is a possibility that you may be addicted to it. Like all other addictions, caffeine addiction does cause some emotional and physical health problems. You may not be aware of it, but you might be a caffeine addict. Here are some signs which show you are a caffeine addict:

10 signs which show you are a caffeine addict

You can’t function without your coffee

mind numbing headacheIf you can’t get your coffee in the morning, you get a mind numbing headache. It is not just a fad or fashion, but your body is used to caffeine first thing in the morning, which causes changes to the blood flow to the brain. Your addiction to morning coffee is a real thing, which has the effect of slowing down brain function, which causes ‘coffee headaches’. You can get ‘coffee headaches’ even during the day if you do not get the caffeine from coffee and energy drinks, chocolates etc. Being unable to function is one of the signs which show you are a caffeine addict. 

You feel depressed

You may be surprised to know this, but depression as well as anxiety has been connected to drinking too much coffee. Or rather, people become anxious and depressed when they try to overcome their caffeine addiction, especially if they stop the habit all at once.

The Mayo Clinic found that there is an indirect link to being depressed and caffeine consumption. Most people who drink multiple cups of coffee find their sleep being hampered. Sleep deprivation can play havoc with your mood, so if you feel awful constantly, along with feeling low, it could mean that you’re suffering from the side effects of caffeine addiction.

You need your morning coffee for your bowel function

bowel functionLike many people, if you rely on your first coffee cup to get your bowels going, it might be one of the signs which show you are a caffeine addict. Your body is probably used to its quota of caffeine in the morning, but don’t worry, if you cut down on coffee/caffeine consumption, your body will get used to your new ‘no coffee’ regime.

You feel incredibly lethargic

You can be certain you’re dependent on caffeine if you feel unshakeable lethargy. Signs which show you are a caffeine addict is feeling unbearably sluggish – you don’t feel like meeting or talking to anyone, and your motivation level is zero. If you miss your morning coffee and feel tired out and fatigued, then you may assume that you are addicted to caffeine. Many caffeine addicts drink several cups during the day, and if for some reason they miss a few cups, they face psychological and physical changes which make them unable to face the day.

You feel grumpy till you drink coffee

you-are-caffeine-addictAnother of the signs which show you are a caffeine addict, is that you’re ready to destroy whoever comes in your path before you drink or have to go without your morning cup of coffee. This is because your brain’s dopamine receptors (the feel-good centre) are stimulated by caffeine. Even adrenaline gets a caffeine boost, which makes you feel happy and good. So going without coffee makes your brain react in the opposite way and you feel irritated, upset and moody.

You can’t focus without caffeine

Caffeine boosts adrenaline, which helps to stay focused and alert. Maybe you gulp down so many coffees just for that boost. But one of the signs which show you are a caffeine addict is experiencing a foggy brain or having trouble concentrating on your work without caffeine.

You need bigger quantities for the same boost

you-are-caffeine-addictThere’s a thing known as tolerance – when your body gets used to a lot of coffee/caffeine on a daily basis, then your body will need greater quantities of caffeine to produce the same results. Drinking cups of coffee and still being able to get a good night’s sleep is a sign that you are too full of caffeine.

You feel nervous

You may be feeling nervous, jittery, nauseated, anxious and edgy and wondering why. You can put this down to drinking too much coffee and other caffeine loaded drinks. Every person processes caffeine in an unique way – some people are not affected by tons of cups, whereas others feel increasingly nauseated and nervous due to too much consumption of coffee.

The same adrenaline which give you a good ‘kick’ also causes stress due to an overload of caffeine in your system. So if you’re drinking more coffee than you normally drink, it’s time to cut down. Over consumption as well as sudden cut back of caffeine both cause nausea. Observe carefully what you feel like the next time you drinks numerous cups of coffee.

Your heart’s rhythm changes

heart-problemsDrinking too much leads to heart irregularities/palpitation, according to Iowa University Health Care department. This is why you’ll notice people who have heart problems drinking decaf coffee. Your addiction to morning coffee as well as consumption of other caffeine loaded foods such as chocolates, gives you a big rush. Your heart gets that ‘rush’ too, and if you’re trying to quit caffeine, you should do it in stages, otherwise your heart might miss the rush and a few beats!

The thought of a world without caffeine scares you

If the thought of giving up coffee fills you with dread, you are perhaps too dependent on your favorite beverage. But if you’re suffering from more than just the side effects of too much caffeine, you have to quit or drastically cut down your coffee intake. Cut down your number of cups a day gradually, instead of quitting altogether, all at once – this might ‘shock’ the body.

Being addicted to anything is no fun – your body suffers from being dependent on that substance, including caffeine. Your brain, emotions, digestion and heart will be affected by caffeine addiction, so cutting down gradually will improve the quality of life and help to live your life in a healthy way.

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