How to dose off quickly at night

dose off quickly at night

The modern lifestyle demands a hectic schedule to keep up with the proceedings. Under such trying circumstances it becomes increasingly important to have an adequate resting time for yourself. A good sleep is essential to keep you rejuvenated and powered throughout the day. But when it comes to falling asleep easily many people face problems in easily dosing off. So in this article we decided to come in with some advice on how to dose off quickly every time you need to provide your body with some solid rest. If you follow this tips and tricks you will be able to sleep instantly whenever you want and will be able to stay fresh for longer periods of time.

Some easy ways to dose off quickly

  1. Check if you are insomniac:
    Insomnia is one of the silent killers in our lives. This condition where an individual does not get enough sleep leads him to develop many threatening diseases like a heart disease or a stroke making him more likely to die prematurely than an average individual. So before you try and discover better ways to fall asleep faster you need to check if you are by any chance an insomniac as that means you need special medication and changes in your lifestyle to sleep easy at night.
  2. Get the right temperature: If you want to dose off quickly it is important that you are sleeping in absolute comfort. For this get the optimum temperature which is ideal for a good night’s rest. Researches show that this temperature is near about 16 degree Celsius and you should make efforts to have this temperature in the room you sleep in. Overheating of your body can lead to many severe health issues and are to be avoided at all costs.
  3. Calm yourself with music:
    Calm yourself with music
    Music has a great impact on your minds and while you try to sleep better you should give this a try. A calm mind is always better for a good sleep and so play some soothing music which calms you down. Then try sleeping in your comfortable zone in the room and fall asleep. Endorphins are the feel good hormones that our body produces and good music helps the secretion of these hormones thus making it easier for you to sleep. Try this and you can be rest assured that your sleep would be effective and deeper than what you would have hoped for.
  4. Get the timing right: If is very important if you want to fell asleep fast to identify the ideal time for your sleep. Each individual has their own sleeping period and waking up in the middle of it is a cause of a lot of discomfort and feeling tired. So to dose off quickly identify this time for yourself and during this time give yourself the best of sleep. You are sure to wake up fresh and rejuvenated for a new day.
  5. Stop the habit of waking up:
    Stop the habit of waking up
    Many people fail to sleep instantly in the fear of having to wake up in the middle of the night. This is undoubtedly painstaking and not something we ideally want. Back pains and your need to use the bathroom can be the possible causes for this waking up. For the first thing you should use a good quality mattress to dose off quickly and for the second you can simply make sure that you limit your water consumption before going to bed.
  6. Avoid heavy meal:
    A heavy meal right before you decide to sleep even when you are not tired is a deadly combination. You will end up feeling stuffy and uneasy which will not allow you to sleep in peace. So try staying off a heavy dinner before going to bed. In fact ideally you should eat around two hours before your actual bedtime. Keep the meals light and eat food which is easy to digest for a better sleep at night.
  7. Try staying awake:
    Try staying awakeThis might have surprised you, but you can count on us when we say that it is as effective to dose off quickly as any other in the list. It is a reverse psychology in your mind which works wonders. The harder you try to not sleep the more easily you are willing to fall asleep. So try to stay awake and stretch your limits for a while. Soon you will see that the body is more than willing to retire for the night into a good night’s sleep.
  8. Imagine the calming images: Like we already mentioned, it is important for you to be calm and comforted when you are attempting to sleep. So imagine a calming image in your mind and then try to think of it before you sleep. It can be your very own happy moment of a beautiful vacation that you took or a moment that you strongly cherish in your memory. It will lead to the happy sensation via the secretion of endorphins and the calming effect will lead you to go to bed happy and content. The sleep will be the one you have been looking for to refresh yourself.
  9. Inhaling through the left nostril:
    This is a yoga method which works wonders when it comes to sleeping instantly. You just need to lie sideways and inhale slowly using the left nostril only. This when performed reduces your blood pressure and substantially calms you down. It is no secret then that when you are calm you sleep easier and better. So this yoga trick can be your savior in the sleepless nights.

Final words

These are some easy ways to fall asleep fast after a tiring day. Now that you have learnt of the techniques it is time to put them to use and get the results out of it. Some of the methods are so effective that they will help you to fall asleep even when you are not tired. We wish you a healthy lifestyle this year.

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