How to find jobs in Africa

find jobs in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent of the world and unlike the popular opinion, it is filled with opportunities. Especially if you are involved in some bulging industry like tourism, you would have more opportunities than you can imagine. However, owing to cultural difference, you need to try certain different ways to grab those opportunities. Let’s take a look at what these ways are:

1. Recruiters

contact a recruiterIn Africa, you wouldn’t find companies openly promoting their job vacancies. Most of them consider this an unnecessary expenditure as they get more than enough applicants through recruiters. Therefore, rather than conducting an online search, it is better you contact a recruiter. These would not only make you aware of the opportunities, but would also help you select the ones that specifically fit your capabilities and qualifications. So, no matter whether you are a fresh graduate or pro, this should be your first preference.

2. Job Portals

Although not so reliable in the past, nowadays online job portalsare coming to the fore and they are here to stay. The best thing about these is, with their help, you can even find better paying freelance jobs in distant lands. All you need is an immaculate resume format template, that’s all. If this work out, you can earn more from your home, than it might be possible to earn from a normal job. Since it just requires a few clicks, it would be stupid if you don’t take the advantage of this.

3.Networking and referrals

Networking and referralsFor those who are good at socializing, referrals might bring in a lot of opportunities. These are basically jobs that are brought to you by individuals whom you know personally. To make the most of it, we suggest that you keep a card with you that briefly mentions your proficiency. Whenever you meet someone about whom you can think that he or she might give you a job in the future, simply hand over your card to them. Since people also get incentives for the job they suggest, this has a high chance of converting.

4. Websites

If you know about a company that posts its recruitment related details on its website, then do check it every once in a while. You never know what you might find there.

Yet another thing you can do is, you can make a list of companies related to your field and bookmark their website and make it a habit to check their website at least once in a week.

5. Embassies and Consulates

checking websitesEmbassies and consulates too offer many jobs. One way of finding them is by finding and checking their websites. If you are an international candidate, you stand a good chance of getting these jobs.

Final Words

Don’t just apply for a single job, apply for many simultaneously. Utilize all the methods mentioned in the article and don’t give up. Finding a job too is an art. The more you indulge in it, the better you get.

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