How to Sell Used Mobile Phones for Extra Cash?

Do you have old and used mobile phones laying useless in your drawers and racks. It is time to get extra cash for it and use the money to buy another smartphone. There are different sites online where you can sell your used mobile phones and get extra cash. Let’s have a look on them.

3 Places to Sell You Mobile Phones


With the mobile phone industry developing at a quick pace over the previous decade, more new cell phones have been discharged. There are people who are exchanging mobile phones consistently and in some cases like clockwork. A great many people regularly dump their old cell phone on some rack in the corner of their room, abandoning it to gather clean and cease to exist. Nonetheless, will buy your phones at a sensible value with the goal that you can begin putting something aside for your next cell phone. They take most phones and tablets and reuse them for a mixed bag of employments. takes pride in their administration and will make the procedure as easy as could be allowed. they make three guarantees that has brought about their prosperity, and extremely cheerful clients. Their process includes first in the search option write your make and model of your phone that you are selling. Then you will see the price that they will be offering you. Then you type your IME1 number and press send to sell your phone. Then you fill all your details that is where and how would you like to get your money and when you fill all the details then you send them your mobile phone and once they receive your mobile phone they will instantly pay you.

2# eBay

You can also sell your mobile phone on eBay. There you can get a good price for your phones easily and instantly earn cash. It’s a simple easy process on eBay. First you set up an eBay account then you go to your personal information and you can change your username if you don’t like it. Then you list your phone where you add all the details of your phone. Then you press the button of sell so everyone who’s on eBay can see your phone. Then let eBay know what you are selling and then your phone will be up on eBay for people to see.

3# Craigslist

Another way you can sell your phone online is through Craigslist. It’s basically like a market where you post your mobile phones information in their ads and other people can contact you if they are willing to buy it and then you can meet your client and sell your mobile phone if they like it.

mobile in hands


4# Gazelle

Then there’s Gazelle as well. It is a  place where you trade and sell your mobile phones. Just like Graigslist, add information about your mobile on the Gazelle site and people will start approaching you with the deals. Pick the deal you are interested and proceed with it.

So if you want to sell your used mobile phone for some instant money, check these sites online!

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