HP Launches Green PC- Compaq DC 7800

1115hp Thrm3 16202

HP India is spearheading the green PC movement with the launch of Compaq dc7800 in India. The new PC comes with a stamp of approval from the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold registry for passing all the strict environmental requirements making it the most environment friendly PC. It has the first ever Solid State hard drive (SSD), coming in an ultra-slim form factor.

• It has latest technology including Intel® Core™2 Duo processors, Windows Vista® OS, for more manageability and security there is optional Intel® vPro Professional technology.

• The computer is well protected by the higher level of identity, data and network security with features such as HP Protect Tools and standard Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 chip help provide strong protection to keep the PC up and running smoothly.

• The Green in this PC is its power efficient processors and 80 PLUS power supply. its Intel Q35 chipset, which is energy efficient, and Verdiem Surveyor remote power management software provide energy efficient solutions that reduces PCs appetite for electricity and reduce adverse impact on environment.

The other features are faster boot times, improved power efficiency, shock improvement, and a smaller overall footprint. HP is claiming it to be the smallest business-ready desktop being around 46 percent smaller and 85 percent more power efficient.
The PC is available in India from 1st May, 2008 and is costing around Rs 40,000/-

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