ImiTaters® presents the healthy alternative to mashed potato

How many times were you asked to give-up your indulgence in the comfort food potato? Your physician, fitness instructor and your conscience has barred your consumption of the high-carb generator potato. Those people suffering from diabetes are not even allowed to dream of potato…but now they can actually have a ball with it.

ImiTaters® presents you the mashed potato alternative and is meant, which controls the carbs in potatoes without compromising on the taste. ImiTaters® actually makes your taste sensors feel the potato taste even without actually having it and what swaps the taste of potato is cauliflower and the blends that go into it. It is completely natural with natural food colorings and is filled with loads of cheese, bacon, enzymes and certain dairy products. The mashed potato alternative comes in flavors of Smoky Chipotle, Savory Garlic, the works, sampler pack and the original creamy ImiTaters.

It comes in heat and serves pouches of 6lb each, costing $34.16, except the sampler pack costing $40. You have to try these products to find that they more than replace the taste potatoes in your life.

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