India can develop by keeping religion and security apart from politics

If India wants to get into development path then it will have to seriously look into development strategies as well as keep politics separate from nation’s security and religion. These factors have been major bottlenecks in country’s growth and everyone in the country needs to seriously look into these issues and find a way of solving them.


Hurdles to Development

Earlier entrepreneurship was aggressively promoted and wealth creation through legitimate methods considered noble effort. However, with time country’s economic development got stalled because of corruption and questions about legitimacy of profits made by the rich. Now the situation is such that wealth and respect have lost their link and earning wealth does not earn you respectability.   Not long ago, we had the Vohra Committee, which suggested a clear nexus between politicians, criminal and bureaucrats. Now after a few decades we can clearly see that the findings of the report were not completely wrong.

Presently there is a big gap between those who benefit from the system and who are left out, and the number of those who are left out are quite large as compared to the other group. If it continues to remain the same then country can never fully develop and meet its potential.


Security Challenges

Large percentage of budget every year is spent on making sure that country’s remains safe. Even after becoming a nuclear power, India does not have veto rights when it comes to deciding strategies on world peace. Additionally, politicians are largely to be blamed for creating the divide in Indian society based on whether the person is a Hindu or a Muslim.

Country’s stability is getting affected due to minority question and politicians need to be reminded the principles on which political governance was created in the country. According to these principles, identities based on faith should not affect political governance but currently it is the opposite, which is happening.


Preventing Communalism

The society has three basic building blocks, which are its culture, social sphere and the political base. Faith primarily determines cultural affinity while social sphere creates basic guidelines on how we interact with people. These two are working as required but politicians are trying to steer in religion into politics that will do nothing but increase the communal divide in the country and needs to be stopped.

Thus as can be seen if India has to develop and prosper then we have to make sure that politics is kept separate from religion and nation’s security. By doing this we will not only increase internal stability but also improve integrity of our social system.

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