Indian Designer’s wacky inspirations

In the fashion world, Indian designers are known for their innovative creations. Their classy designs make them one of the most sought after designers as well. Here are some of the wackiest inspirations and unique collections of the Indian designers which were appreciated and liked throughout the world.

Manish Arora ‘Day of the Dead’ inspiration

Fall 2011 collection, Paris Fashion week

Inspired by: Mexico’s “Day of the dead”

The Spanish holiday ‘dia de los muertos’ means the day of the dead’. On this Mexican holiday, people gather and pray for their friends and relatives who have expired. There are other traditions associated with the holiday like using marigold, sugar skulls and other food items and beverages that were liked by the deceased to make private altars.

The colorful decorations of the Mexican ‘day of the dead’ was the inspiration behind these dresses. The spectacle that also had some skull like prints was lauded even by the New York times.

The fall 2011 presentation by the Indian designer had some complex kaleidoscopic patterns and designs, dense craftiness and fractal-like quality to them. The designs were given a lot of decorations and prints by Manish and a collaboration with the German artist Amrie Hoffstater was done during the season.

Amitabh Chandel ‘royal dress code’ inspiration

Inspired by: Royals of ancient India

The fashion designer Amitabh Chandel descends from a royal family and has designed a shirt, suiting the present day royal tastes of men.

We all know that the royals of ancient times used to wear clothes that had many precious stones attached to them. Amitabh Chandel brings to you a shirt that has the same ancient and royal qualities. The shirt is studded with 25 solitaire diamonds that are set in gold. The clothing used for making the material is high quality silk. Wearer can also customize the shirt according to his preferences by adding diamonds and gems of his choice.

This hand stitched shirt was made by the tailors of Lucknow and has a price tag of $97,500 that is 5 million Indian rupees. Any person can get a royal feel by buying this luxurious and expensive piece of clothing.

Satya Paul’s ‘google result page’ inspiration

Inspired by: Google search

Satya Paul, a well known Indian designer, has designed a saree that has got the Google’s search result page printed on it. The saree has been named ‘Oogle’. The saree symbolizes the nature of Indian women of finding their way through every situation, just as Google has answers to all the questions. The head turner piece of clothing costs around $300.

The narrow blue bordered saree has been made by using light cream crepe silk. The word ‘Oogle’ can be found printed in different colors on the saree and on the base and border of the pallu. The top area of the saree prints faded search results of Google on Picasso and his art work while the lower skirt area has the clear prints of Google search results on Indian saree.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s ‘Frida Kahlo’ inspiration

Collection: “The king of Kitsch”, Grand finale Wills India Fashion week 2011

Inspired by: Frida Kahlo

The self potraits made by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo were very famous. Frida Kahlo’s style was the inspiration behind Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s collection. Great style has been incorporated in a very organic way in his vibrant and Mexican themed collection by the name ‘The King of Kitsch’. The flamboyant collection was displayed in the grand finale of the Wills India Fashion Week, 2011.

The modern collection showcased designs which had flashes from different places like Spain, Peru, Argentina and the rural India. The clothes were hand-made with unique crafting of Indian fabrics. Sabyasachi succeeded in creating a magical moment on the ramp by showcasing a collection which incorporated urban intellectualism and pastoral nomadity.

The designs were fresh, highly refined and took back to the medieval times. Models wore Indian fabrics which had elements of embroidery, lace and net. The designs also had floral prints which are a new addition to Sabyasachi’s work.

Bibhu Mohapatra’s ‘The White Haired Girl’ opera inspiration

Fall 2012 Collection: Imperial China in the 1920’s

Inspired by: 19th century Chinese opera, “The White haired girl

Mohapatra was looking for opera characters that were unknown and selected ‘The White Haired Girl’ as the driving force behind his collection. It is based on a girl named Xi’er who hides in a forest for escaping the attacks from her landlord.

The inspiration of the designs come from of a women’s journey through life with passion, courage and the victory of love. Hence, you can find ivory and red silk dresses, paints that are inspired by mandarin, tailored pants, colored furs, draped velvet gowns, intricate lace layered crepe and chiffon cocktail dresses that are all designed with colors influenced by the Asian and urban atmospheres.

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