Indian politicians continue to evade talking specifics in their political rallies

As an individual born and brought up in a country that has been ravaged by several communal riots and money laundering scams over the years, would it be too much to ask for when we expect the campaigners of two of the biggest political parties in India to speak on what they would specifically do for the country? Yet, when both campaigners simultaneously addressed their respective rallies on Sunday, none revealed pertaining to what lies for India in the future or how the country would be brought out of its current slowdown in the business and development sectors.


While the BJP campaigner (Narendra Modi) stuck to his anti-communal stance by indicating that both the poor Hindus and Muslims wish to unite and fight poverty in the country; on the other hand, the Congress campaigner (Rahul Gandhi) simply affirmed that his party would work for the common man, without specifically denoting how he would handle issues like unemployment, inflation and future distribution.

Thankfully, Mr. Gandhi’s speech on Sunday was free of his family stories that had become quite famous in his recent campaigns. Mr. Modi though only attempted at distancing himself from the black mark on his career graph in the form of the communal riots in Gujarat back in 2002.

While both men have spoken about matters relating to policy issues before, they had done so only to defend or exalt about the achievements of their respective parties and governments. Mr. Gandhi has always talked about the number of roads his party built which he claims to be higher than those built during BJP led government. Mr. Gandhi also praised the entitlement schemes started by the UPA government over the last few years. What is in a road we ask and how does the number factor create a difference here?


Mr. Modi on the other hand never misses the chance to speak about the laurels his government has achieved in Gujarat. However, India is no Gujarat. And Mr. Modi fails to realize that, staying in his own comfortable circle of followers who continue to talk about nothing but Gujarat.

What both men fail to understand is that India is on the lookout for a leader who would actually take some time and effort to explain the goals, visions and plans he/she has for the country in the next few years, should his/her party form the next government. Indians would not be content with generalities and banalities for long.

If Mr. Modi is seriously intent on becoming the next Indian PM, he would have to start finding something else to woo the voters instead of heaping praise on himself. Mr. Gandhi on the other hand should take up the responsibility to inform the voters about his plans and policies. Only then would both men be able to take their campaign to the next level without running out of steam.

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