Robots to replace your sex partner in the future

Sex is an essential part of our lives. In future, having sex will be an entirely different process, as robots will replace your sex partner for sure. Several companies are working to produce a robot that looks and works just like a human does. Tenga, a Japanese male sex toy manufacturer unveiled a contraption where users were able to get sexual favors from an anime character via virtual reality headset. Now, the company is working on an advanced version of the same device. The day is not far when you will be able to have physical sex with a robot.

robot-womanAdvancement in technology has led to creation of artificial skin and synthetic organs, which are both practical and functional. In addition, the robots already developed are touch sensitive, can imitate human expressions and have artificial intelligence which enables them to think and feel just like a human being. Now the question is how will robots replace your sex partner in the future?

Current Stage

Currently, in the process of making life like robots, we have already developed synthetic organs, artificial skin, artificial intelligence, touch sensitivity and human facial expressions for robots. All of these are compulsory to make a human like robot.

Future Prospects

What we do have currently is not everything required to make a robot capable of doing human like sex. Can we build a robot capable of doing sex like humans is the question?  Might be in a decade or two we will develop such machines. Nevertheless, if a contraption is intelligent enough to offer all sexual favors to a human, then it will be in lofty demand for sure.


How soon how close?

Right now, we are not at all close to make such robot. There are some basic needs of human that only a human can execute. To make such contraption, we have to embed several programs in the circuit like various sex positions, the foremost necessity. It is quite difficult to make a machine that may execute every sex position without being kaput. As a result, we have to wait for some time to enjoy robot sex.

Sounds realistic or not?

Robot-sex definitely sounds realistic. Due to the advancements in technology, we can assume that some time in the future no one will feel left alone until he or she wants to. Several companies are working towards making sex machine a possibility and we hope to acquire this type of technology eventually.

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