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Lalu Prasad Yadav was interviewed by Sanjeev Shrivastava in the latest edition of BBC Ek Mulakat aired on BBC Hindi. The famous politician, present Railway Minister of India has turned Indian railways into an organisation being studied by management students in various institutes around the world. The ex-Bihar CM known as a comical character has turned into a management guru delivering lectures to management students.

Not a “Dilwala”
Lalu Prasad Yadav is not a ‘dilwala aadami’ [romantic person]. This he said answering to a question whether Rabari Devi was his first love. Yadav said love is not good. One should not love. Recalling his own marriage with Rabari Devi, he said, the previous culture was good when one did not see his spouse before marriage.

Population: Is it a problem?
According to Yadav, increasing population is not a problem. He said when the population [of the country] was less, there was not enough to eat. People did not have enough fish and meat. Now, when the population has increased, there is enough to eat and people are in a better position. [What a strange logic?] Talking about his large family (nine children–seven daughters followed by two sons), Yadav said, that population has become a crisis in recent time. Earlier, a ‘latti parivar’ (large family) was considered good. Answering a question if he would ask his children to have smaller families, he said that the children are themselves wise enough to take their decisions. He further added that if a ‘single son’ dies in mishap, the family is left to grieve and pain.

Not hi-tech
Lalu Prasad Yadav is not very comfortable with new technologies, even cell phones. He said he can not end a call after attending a call. He said both the spouses avoid using cell phones due as they find it cumbersome to use.

Lord Shiva said turn vegetarian
A vegetarian since four years, Yadav said that lord Shiva appeared in his dream and asked him to turn vegetarian. He said initially I was a giddh–vulture–but now I have turned pure vegetarian.

Lalu’s style, way of speaking, he said was a God gift. He said he has been turned into a ‘cinema’ [comic].

Lalu’s Sadhana Cut
sadhana cut 4773Lalu ‘Sadhana’ cut hairstyle is meant for keeping the hairs small so that they do not cause itch or stand erect all day. Small hairs are good as one can not catch hold of it and give you a thrashing. Long hairs look awful on men. He said, now young people understand the benefit of small hairs. [Seems as if Mr Yadav knew the hip style before anyone else and also what’s good if you have to indulge in a fight. Any one wondering what is a Sadhana cut hairstyle can search for the bygone actress of Hindi films– Sadhana]

Philosophical Lalu
“The world is full of ‘thugs‘ [cheats]. You encounter them on every step.”

Read the excerpts of the interview on BBC Hindi website

Image Source:Zee News, OneSmartClick

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