Iran Nuclear Threat – Real or Hype?

In the recent years, Iran’s nuclear program has remained as one of the most debated issues among the international community concerning the safety of the masses. According to a senior arms control official in the U.S, Iran’s nuclear program is encouraging the spread of dangerous atomic weapons across the globe and is posing a serious threat for global peace. Citing the two weeks talks held in Geneva for implementing and reviewing the progress of nuclear NPT or Non-Proliferation Treaty, Assistant Secretary for International Security and Non-Proliferation, Thomas Countryman, said that it was a difficult environment for proceeding the talks and the nuclear enrichment program going on in Iran far exceeds the need for civilian use without failing to mention the history of Iran in deceiving the IAEA or International Atomic Energy Agency.

Mentioning North Korea’s growing nuclear ability and their reluctance in implementing any kind of nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Countryman said that, by conducting continuous nuclear test North Korea is presenting a very dangerous threat to regional peace and the actions of both North Korea and Iran is a matter of concern for every member of the conference. He further added that, in the event of Iran’s successful construction of nuclear weapons, the credibility of any nuclear NPT ever held with Iran will become irrelevant and will result in causing severe damage to the trust of the International members of the treaty and also might destabilize the global peace initiatives.

However, addressing the talks on behalf of the developing nations included in NAM (Non-Aligned Movement), deputy foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad-Mehdi Akhondzadeh reaffirmed the right held by every nation for developing nuclear energy for civilian development and other peaceful purposes. On the other hand, the United Nations nuclear agency, also known as the IAEA still aims to set up diplomatic talks with Iran for discussing and resuming the date for nuclear investigation in the Islamic Republic. The talks are also predicted to discuss the long debated issues of the rising threat of war in the new Middle East and bringing a diplomatic solution to threats of world peace.

Moreover, addressing the NPT talks, the European Union said that it aims in reaching a long-term settlement for restoring the already decreasing International confidence regarding the peaceful purpose of the nuclear programs going on in Iran. The EU, however, also expects Tehran’s complete compliance with all the necessary obligations involved with NPT along with the IAEA and Security Council resolutions.

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