Is Rahul Ghandhi’s proactive approach too little and too late

Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the “first political family of India”, has always been an enigma for the intellectuals and masses alike. He is one of the most influential political figures on the political landscape of the nation. Bearing a Gandhi surname has given the desired advantage to his chances of scaling the political ladder and someday, leading the nation.


At the present moment, he is serving the party as its vice president and is the star campaigner of the party for the upcoming general elections. However, he has categorically denied himself as the prime ministerial candidate for the coming parliamentary elections but, can consider his decision if congress party is voted to power. Many consider this as an instance of his double speaks.

He has asserted his influence on many occasions, but that was too late and too little. More often than not, he has preferred to remain silent on the prominent issues that may have serious implications. The issue of corruption has been haunting him endlessly. An apparent heir of the top party job in congress has been struggling hard to come to terms with the system. However, he is always vocal about changing the entire system. He often speaks about youth and women empowerment and acquainting the common person with more rights.


Moreover, he talks about the issue of transparency in public life, but has few takers. We in the past few years have witnessed a spate of scandals involving overwhelming amount of money. How can someone clean the system if he has people at the helm of affairs, who are constantly facing charges of corruption. Mr. Gandhi, you have to broom your home first and then look for ways of cleansing the entire system.

His detractors held him responsible for the party drawbacks in the recent assembly elections in many states. The Bhartiya Janta Party prime ministerial candidate Narendera Modi at many occasions called him “Shehzada” (Prince). However, he refrained from making any statement but the other Congress representatives worked overtime to answer Modi back.


In a recent interview with Arnab, on Times Now, Rahul Gandhi was tentative to most questions put to him. Rahul was simply beating about the bush, as he had no concrete answers to the questions posed to him. The most contentious issue was the 1984 anti Sikh riots, where he tried his level best to equate them with riots in Gujarat. However, he failed miserably as Modi has been acquitted from the charges leveled against him in the connection of Godhra riots. Nevertheless, it sparked a raging debate on the riots issue and sidelined the issues of the common person. He was inadequate, to say the least, as he failed to do his homework righty.

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