With parliamentary elections round the corner, Congress looking down the barrel

Congress, the party with an illustrious past, who have done the bulk of governing of the post independence era, is looking down the barrel at present. The reasons are obvious and clear and do not involve any rocket science. Even though they have failed on various fronts, still they are reluctant to learn from their follies.


The first and foremost thing is the issue of corruption, which has plagued the image of the incumbent government to the limits beyond repair. Especially in the second term, the masses witnessed a flurry of scandals, one after another. The monetary aspect involved in these scandals is high enough to make you lose your sanity. The elected heads of two congress ruled states are under the scanner as they are accused of high-level corruption. Moreover, the issues of 2G, coal gate and many more are still lingering in the minds of the masses.  These scandals would surely prove detrimental to their ambition of seizing power for the third time in a row.


Second issue relates to the leadership woes of the party. Rahul Gandhi has been conferred the responsibility of leading the party into the general elections that are around the corner. However, the congress has refrained itself from naming him the prime ministerial candidate. Most of the people consider it as an avoidance of his direct confrontation with the seasoned Narender Modi. Modi holds a great influence in his native state Gujarat and has a proven record of accomplishments.


Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand is comparatively a novice in the art of administration, who has yet to prove his worth as an administrator. One may consider the Indian premier; Manmohan Singh is a man of great integrity, with a spotless record of accomplishment. However, he has more often than not, refrained from speaking on the issue of corruption. The vanishing of Coal gate files from PMO is a source of embarrassment for him and his bureaucracy. Moreover, the Coal gate swindle happened when he also held the coal portfolio. The real power rests with the Nehru Gandhi family, is an open secret. The sober and humble man was often pushed to the backdrop whenever he displayed some intent to rule out corrupt people surrounding him.


In last parliamentary elections, MANREGA helped them come to power again. However, with the advent of Aam Aadmi Party on the political scene the focus has shifted to corruption and transparency. Now the congress is feeling inadequate to deal with the issue and the issue may sound the death knell to its aspirations.

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