Is Sir Paul Mccartney dating Renee Zellweger?

mccartney dating renee

Sir Paul Mccartney has finally noticed skinny Bridget Jones star Renee Zellweger!

Painfully thin actress Zellweger was last week snapped at Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers charity concert that had left the onlookers surprised. Though she could manage to get attention of Sir Paul and soon two were seen chatting, having good time together.

And after a week it seems Mccartney , 65, had fallen for the 38-year-old actress then and there as the two were now spotted having a candlelit dinner at American Hotel in Sag Harbor, New York state.

Not only this as the two went on conversing for two long hours seated close to a cozy fireplace and left separately to their abodes after hugging each other.

According to a source:

It’s a very romantic place. They looked like they enjoyed themselves.

The founding member of Beatles, Mccartney is currently awaiting divorce form ex-wife, Heather Mills whereas Zellweger has been married with Jack White and Kinney Chesney but none of her marriages last very long with each.

The recent meeting of Mccartney and Zellweger predicts that two are heading towards a relationship that is more than friendship.



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