Is Valentine Day Only About Celebrations? Young India And ItsLive-In Romances

With Valentine’s Day knockingat our doors, we take time to think if modern India has changed the way it saw relationships. There had been a time when choosing your own partner was restricted to the very elite or even for those with humbler backgrounds, making their own relationship-choices came with a tad difficult path. However, we now see live-in relationships in small towns such as Bhopal and the like. While prudishconservatists eye this as against our conservative culture, we have something elseon mind.


Deep Thinking Goes A Long Way

Not jumping on the culture and values harangue, we put forward one simple question—does living in with your partner reflect mere modernity? Or does it actually foster a stronger bond? Sadly, with the growing stats of couples breaking up in rampant numbers, we beg to differ on the secondclaim. Live –in relationships are still seen by the participants as a convenient way to live and co-habit. Yes, some couples do end up tying the knot but the super-young couples often end up in greater dilemmas.

Respecting all aspects of love and relationships, I sincerely believe that it takes some years and depth to adjudge if you are ready to share your life and day with another person. This is one realization that comes to individuals at least having lived a decent bit of their lives.

We suggest that taking time out to celebrateor cohabit is not proof enough that you could be ready to take a strong step towards a marital bond. Couples who have evergreen love stories often make their relationshipswork amid differences.


The End Result

Hasty decisions are pulling in the Indian youth into a sea of issues. From psychological stress to physical effects, this indeed takes a toll. Valentine’s Day is indeed a lovely way to show you care for your loved ones or your beloved. However, let us not take this as the only day to express love. Let the youth not jump into the most fickle of decisions judging a book only be its cover. The message this V-day lies in releasing the amount of love you can give and what love means to you. It is not a bunch of redroses only. Yes, roses are part of love but only with loads of responsibilities and imperfections thrown in.

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