Will- Jada divorce rumors slammed by family friend

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith Family

Oh, was that a rumor? After all, no one wanted to see Will and his heart throb Jada Pinkett-Smith to get separated. The pair has been happily married for the last 13 years. No one could easily stomach the reason of their shock separation. A report on that got immediate circulation through the world, attracting reactions of many sorts. The In Touch Weekly magazine claimed to have the intelligence of the pair separating. However, to the relief of scores of Will fans when a close friend of the pair rejected the news as merely a rumor. The family itself seems to be equidistant both the views. No spokesperson, authorized by the couple has yet come out with a reaction either rejecting or accepting the issue.

Indeed, In Touch Weekly magazine stirred people so much that Will’s second marriage blues made them remember how Jada had been a constant source of comfort for Will after his first marriage was in the rocks. They could carry on together for only three years before he divorced Sheree Zampino in 1995. The rumor has been rubbished by another report. It claims to have been told by a close friend of this celeb family that Will and Jada continue to be as friendly as they ever were. The source claimed that a very warm relationship still exists between the couple. Of course they are quarreling a lot but that’s but natural for married people to have differences at times. It’s just OK…! The source also claimed to be pretty sure that the couple would go to a marriage counsel first, had they been considering a divorce.

Definitely, the new piece of information is much likely to be true. And there are people who claim that the couple fakes fights in public. On the basis of that logic, another magazine did some depreciated the original spinner. It has called the rumor just that. And when Jada???s representative was contacted by one TMZ website, the refrain neither confirmed nor discounted the story.

If one is to judge the merit of the divorce theory, it might help to remember what Jada has always been like. She made it amply clear to Will in the very beginning of their relationship that divorce would never be a solution for anything. She also wanted Will to understand that times might come when they might not like to sleep together, yet the straight thought would never be divorce. She always wanted to be under the same roof with Will.

Also, the couple’s oldest son Trey has already denied the divorce report. Perhaps Jada representative made the airs favor the In Touch Weekly. She hurriedly remarked that everything in the reported likely-to-take-place report was false. That would have told the fans what they wanted to here on the matter. But the rep unnecessarily refused to comment on the chances of Will and Jada separating. That was so because the Jada-Marc hook-up story was already doing the rounds.

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