Best celebrity hair trends this season

Slicked back and silky smooth tresses are out. This season, hairstyles are relaxed with an unkempt seem. Layered and tousled is the way to go and to that give a finishing touch by making strands look rumpled and messy. This do has become the latest fad in the fashion circle. Hair should be made to look disheveled and messy but still be in place, whether you tie a bun or let it fall down loose. You can opt for a messy bun, choppy bangs, rumpled layers or twisty curls to look trendy. Let???s take a look at how some celebrities are sporting this all-new laid back style.

celebrity hair trends

1. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel hair trend

The New Years Eve starlet stepped out for a red carpet event in a messy bun, looking absolutely suave and stylish. Keeping the hair out of the face on the front, her tresses have been piled lazily behind. Adir Abergel, hair stylist at Fekkai, says that scrunched up and messy looking hair is not only sexy but also makes one more approachable. Redken???s master hair stylist Guido also advocates this. An effortlessly done hairstyle is what looks best when you are wearing an exquisite gown, it does not take attention away from your classy ensemble.

2. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson hair trend

A squatty looking do that ends just near the chin is doing wonders for Scarlett Johansson, it has definitely given her a very different look. The choppy layers look slipshod, render a careless and fun vibe to the actor???s persona. As the hair appears chunky and makeup is also heavy, the Lost in Translation starlet goes easy on the jewelry. Hairstylist Duffy agrees and recommends toned down accessories with beehive-styled haircuts. Duffy wanted to give Johanssen a natural and unpretentious look, so each section was curled in different directions leaving the ends straight. Using sea salt spray and a curling iron, the Girl with the Pearl Earring actress was given the undulating and choppy looking locks.

3. Rosie Hutington

Rosie Huntington hair trend

The sultry actress has chosen beachy waves for a suave, chic and saucy look. Rosie Huttington certainly looks dishy in this one. The layers have been careless tousled around her face contouring it distinctly, and they make her look absolutely ravishing. The length of the tresses help to bring out the guise of the ruffled-up mane. Stylist Abergel believes that textured hair like this goes really well with sleek and well-fitted evening wear like a long gown.

4. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba hair trend

There is a lot more to hair this season apart from waves, bangs and layers. Go old school by doing up your hair in stylish braids, just what the Sin City star Jessica Alba opted for when walking down the red carpet. Neat and dapper looking mane with a touch of quirky playfulness, this style will look best on the younger lot. After doing up, your mane looks knotty, scrambled and disheveled. Stylist Guido chose the same French braids hair style for models who strutted down the ramp at the Valentino Spring 2012 fashion show.

5. Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene hair trend

Playing the part of Alice Cullen in the Twilight series, this actress explicitly spells out her love for the bygone days bringing back the Veronica Lake styled waves from the good old days in Hollywood. The curls twist and coil distinctly and have a polished, neat and shiny seem. The sleek lacquered curls are just what you need for a dressy look. Abergel stated that for this style you need to use hot rollers on dry hair and after that just fix them up with a Mason Pearson brush and hair spray.

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