Selena Gomez’s Ring which made us think!

There is no longer any spotlights on Selena and Justin. All of them have been snatched by the ring on Selena’s engagement finger.

Selena Gomez, the 19 year old actress was snapped with a diamond ring in her engagement finger. There have been lots of news about her and Justin Bieber getting engaged and this was a stamp of authentication for all of them. She was spotted with her boyfriend, the singer of numerous chart busters at a Mexican airport. Selena and Justin were in Cabo San Lucas to attend the wedding of Selena???s friend Shannon Larossi who is a costume designer and whom Selena met during the shoot of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena Gomez's Ring

Earlier there was news about the couple being spotted in the suns of Mexico, relaxing and spending some intimate moments with each other. Hope, they realized that the cameras are always following them. According to a report Selena did not have the ring caressing her fourth finger before she boarded the jet. So it could possibly be that Justin found the right time during their flight. And viewing the history of this romantic couple, there can be no facts which won???t support that the ring was gifted to Selena by Justin in the jet flight. Justin has always been the most perfect boy friend; the one who speaks a lot about his love in media and takes no time creating a rhymed rap for her.

All the news of Selena???s engagement with Justin, floating around internet and paper, has been denounced by her spokesperson. Sighting an interview of Justin with Women???s Wear Daily where he clearly mentioned his intentions of getting married only at or after 25, considering everything to be properly placed, the news still stays as any other rumor.

Though not an engagement ring, it can be a promise ring. So, it is not the right time for the girls holding their hearts in hand for the 17 year old Justin, to relax and stay happy. The teen idol seems to have found his real love in the 19 year old Disney star Selena.

Paying not a slight attention to all these speculations about her and her prince charming, Selena revealed her plans to take a little break from her stringent agenda. She has decided to take a two week vacation during the Christmas time to be with her friends and stay away from the eyeing camera and crazy fans.

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