James Bond Premieres in London

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James Bond is back in ‘Casino Royale,’ the 21st official Bond movie and this time guess who the Bond is– Daniel Craig, yes that’s right.

This is Craig’s debut as agent 007 and has premiered in London to a sparkling crowd which also includes Queen Elizabeth II at the Odeon theatre.

James Chapman, author of “License to Thrill: A Cultural History of the James Bond Films said:

The arrival of the new Bond has restored the buzz around a franchise that many felt was past its prime. With `Casino Royale,’ we’ve not only got a new Bond, we’ve also got a new approach to the genre, It’s revisionist. It’s going back to the roots of Bond’s character.

It was announced last year that Daniel would be the sixth actor to play Bond but he was condemned by saying that he was too blond, too craggy and too obscure to play the suave superspy.

An anti-Craig Web site urged a boycott of the movie. However, Craig supporters hit back with danielcraigisbond.

Craig has already signed up for the 22nd Bond film, which will release in November 2008.

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