Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Squashes Split Buzz—Bonding In Black

Jennifer Aniston is one “hawt” woman and sizzling hot is her partner Justin Theroux. However, when the brew is such a mix, there is bound to be rumors galore about each walking out on the other. The best part is that Jennie and Just have come together to dismiss the rumors. At least their latest red carpet appearance for the premiere of The Leftovers proved an apt platform for some public display of affection and some confirmation that they are neck deep in love.

Perhaps, the couple matching their outfits was a strong and explicit signal that they are together and in love. Who would acre to coordinate clothes if they planned to walk out on either? Well, fans have been rejoicing at the news. In fact, the big rock on Jen’s ring finger points to probability that the couple could even take a walk down the aisle soon.

Theroux pointed out that he and his girlfriend still have “hot feet” when it comes to marriage but the possibility of the same is not out of cards. Theroux is excited about his new series The Leftovers and all the more excited to have support from his girlfriend at this new track in his career.

In fact, when quizzed on what one thing or person he would like to keep with him in case he has an afterlife, Theroux promptly pointed to Jennifer Aniston. The two are so lost in love that they even feel people must stop speculating on their status and leave them to enjoy their life. We understand, but celebrities do not have the freedom to do so right? Anyways, the way Aniston looks these days does signify how satisfying her personal life is! And at 45, if you can look like her, it has to be some potion called love.

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