Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?

Jessica Simpson

The fashionista, singer and reality star Jessica Simpson and former NFL player Eric Johnson are together for two years now and have been engaged in November 2010. They were to marry in November this year, but for some unclear reasons, their marriage has been postponed. It is being doubted that the only reason for the marriage to be postponed is Jessica???s unrevealed pregnancy.

As neither Jessica nor her fiance Eric has confirmed the pregnancy, this news is still in doubt. However, if the lady is pregnant, it cannot be hidden for a long time because some of her recent photographs continue to confirm the rumors.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant

In the picture you are seeing above, Jessica is wearing a loose black top and a maxi skirt. It seems as if she has purposely dressed up to hide her small baby bump and the little weight that she has put on. She is also carrying a leopard-print bag carefully in front of her tummy so as to cover it casually.

Jessica Simpson and her mother

In another photograph, you can see that 31-year-old Jessica is being helped by her mother while walking. This surely indicates that Jessica might be pregnant because her mother is seen holding her arms and supporting her back. Why would her mother hold her if she is perfectly healthy? Although the good news has not been out for the world, her family and close friends are surely aware that Jessica is expecting.

Another fact that confirms the speculation is that Jessica refrained from having any champagne on Eric???s 32nd birthday. One of their friends revealed that the singer has already started having cravings for nachos dipped in chocolate, cheese-flavored popcorn and non-alcoholic margaritas. This surely indicates the symptoms of pregnancy. Why would she send her champagne back if she is not pregnant?

All the recent photographs of Jessica confirm that she is pregnant, but for some reasons she is not yet ready to share the news with the world. However, a friend of theirs has informed that the couple and everybody else in their family are very happy about the new baby to arrive. For Eric and Jessica the baby will be their ???best wedding gift???.

It has also been heard that Jessica has always wanted to be a mother. She loves children and is very playful with them. Her sister has a son Bronx and Jessica is very close to him. So, there is no doubt about Jessica proving to be a wonderful mother. If she is pregnant, congratulations to the couple. It is a great news and a perfect time to celebrate.

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