Kim Kardashian?s Whooping Prenups?..

Kim Kardashian took everyone? by surprise by the pre nups.Kim Kardashian?s marriage to Kanye West have been the news not because of the wedding itself but it has garnered more attention due to the prenuptials that Kim has selected for this marriage.


The pre nuptials of Kim?s marriage to Kanye include the following points:

  • Kim will be receiving 1 million dollars every year until the expiry of 10 years from the day of her marriage.
  • Kim will not only possess all the jewelry and other gift items she has received or will receive from Kanye, she will also own the legal ownership of the Bel Air Mansion.
  • Out of the many policies owned by Kanye, a policy amounting to 20 million dollars will always be in the possession of Kim and will address her as the beneficiary. This will be valid even when Kanye is alive.
  • Apart from all this, all the income and revenue generated by Kim?s clothing line, promotional tie-ups and other shows will not? be shared with Kanye. Kim alone will?? be held the rightful owner of al these.

Thus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been focusing more on the wedding now that all of Kim?s demands have been fulfilled. Never before one has heard or witnessed such a pre nuptial agreement but one cannot hold back from saying that this will benefit Kim in many ways. Taking a lesson from her previous marriage Kim has properly planned and then decided the points to be included in this pre nuptial agreement and thus there are no chances of Kim facing any loss.

Kim was earlier married to Kris Humphries and this is her second marriage. Kanye is very willing to give Kim all that he has and is looking forward to marry her.

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