Lady Gaga flaunts human hair dress!

Lady Gaga flaunts human hair dress

So, we all thought that Lady Gaga could not possibly get any weirder than she already is. Everyone knows that her sense of fashion is twisted and we thought that we had seen it all. But she proves us all wrong again! This time, she not only took her shocking sense of fashion a notch higher in the weirdness quotient, but she did it for the second time. Last year in September, she stepped out in a dress made of human hair for the first time when she performed at the Oak Room in New York. Of course, it created quite a few ripples across her fans and others alike. Yesterday she was at it again! She made her second appearance in a ???human hair??? dress, which she wore to the Lanesborough Hotel in London. And did she make heads turn or what!

This time around, the ???human hair??? dress was black in color, and not brown like the first one. But trust Lady Gaga to not only wear a crazy dress, but also pit up a whole crazy look complete with the fancy accessories. The crazy outfit was secured in place by a three tapes that ran across her chest. Similar tapes ran across her waist, and that was all that there was to save Lady Gaga the embarrassment of ???human hair??? dress coming off. A bold dress, indeed! She coupled the dress with fishnet stockings (and the tattoo on her left thigh was there for the world to see), a black headgear which can be assumed to be a hat with human hair let down from all the sides (and a bizarre lime green-colored streak of hair that stood out in all the black), towering heels, and last but not the least, black glares.

With this latest dress, she adds yet another piece to her collection of crazy outfits. The internet forums and gossip mills have started wagging their tongues about Gaga???s fantastic ability to shock viewers with her sense of fashion. After all, who could wear an entire dress made of some person???s hair and strut it without the slightest sign of discomfort? And not just once, but she did it twice. This is definitely not everyone???s cup of tea! On one hand, you have to admit that Gaga takes her craziness very seriously and is bold enough to flaunt the bizarre outfits. But on the other hand, how far can she take this craziness?

She raised the most eyebrows when she wore a dress made out of meat to the MTV Music Video Awards. Imagine wearing meat on your body! For so many of us, it is something we would never ever do! Yet she did it! She received a mixed reaction because some people looked at it as a bold choice, while others felt plain disgusted. But then again, she will not be Lady Gaga we know if she dresses up normally. And she is one woman for whom you can definitely say- love her or hate her, but you just cannot ignore her.

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