Profiling star style: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Star name: Penelope Cruz

When talent meets glamor, that’s where actresses like Penelope Cruz emerge. You certainly can???t keep her out of the conversation when talking about drop-dead Hollywood A- listers. Penelope is one of a few Spanish treasures, Hollywood proudly flaunts. Though Penelope Cruz???s acting skills have her unmistakable stamp, her upbeat, elegant fashion is equally flattering and followed by millions.

1. Red carpet style

Penelope Cruz???s red carpet style

When sassiness is wooed by the dresses flashing a ton of skin, this Oscar winning actress never shows it all and is often seen in covered ensembles. Penelope Cruz usually keeps herself from the red carpet events, but whenever she decks out, she always steal the spotlight with her sensuous style. Although her red carpet appearances have been continually compared with other hot celebrities such as Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren, but she stands out as a unique style icon. Her elegance and vintage inclination clearly reflects through her simple yet glamorous dresses without too much of skin show off. Being a Spanish, Penelope makes her outward fashion statement in bright colors especially sheer red. After all, what shade would work more exotic than red on tan complexion like hers!

Trying to imitate Penelope Cruz, well, it all begins with penning down three essential rules her style follows- tailored dresses, leg elongating ensemble and donning solid colors.

2. Casual Style

Penelope Cruz???s Casual style

On the red carpet and award events, Mrs. Cruz doesn???t mind adorning any shimmery, skin tight outfits, but casually she loves to keep her outwear simple and comfy. She always does a commendable job with every cloth she wears. Her casual outfits are both covered up and trendy without adding too much complexity with layering technique and printed, busy silhouette. Sometimes she also goes for denim shorts when playing around on the California beaches; however her frequent style includes skinny jeans with simple tee. With an amazing body, she could do possibly anything to set trends, but she enjoys following latest regular trend and not setting one. Well, we recommend this pretty lady to begin experimentation, for we would love to see what she looks like in a romper or maybe a short halter top. Don???t you?

Casual style

For attending a luncheon in Beverly Hills, Penelope Cruz goes for a younger yet sophisticated look where she was honored for her incredible work in Nine. She teamed up her floor length long- legged jeans with a beautiful boucle jacket, keeping her accessories at minimal. Isn???t she looking radiant as ever?

3. Hairstyle

Penelope Cruz???s Hairstyle

If you have got natural, lengthy brown hair, you always have the option to style your hair in umpteenth ways. But unfortunately, we haven???t seen Penelope trying too many hairstyles. Have we? This ultimate Spanish bombshell has always kept consistency with her hairstyle and makeup. From drapey look to more drapey look, we actually cannot remember when was the last time when she decked out in chic updos or voluminous hair locks (keep aside, those red carpet events).

But on the Contrary, this is actually a good news for those, who are lurking out to steal her style. The above hairstyle is easy to recreate and will only take half an hour off your clock. Firstly, unlock your hair and add Carmel highlights to the end and edges continuing from the top to add contrast and spark to your hair. Now, let your hair fall below your shoulders and allow showing off your long layers through the edges. Voila, your hairstyle looks exactly like hers!

Simply, keep these points when trying to frame her hairstyle- let your hair falls below your shoulder and evenly highlight them around the crown and edges. You can achieve her wavy hairstyle with a curling iron or hot rollers.

4. Make up

Penelope Cruz make up

Penelope Cruz has always opted for natural complementary tones for her makeup. Her makeup style is never too subtle and lingers within the natural earthy hues. She keeps her flawless skin intacted with clean and net but gorgeous makeup influences. Her signature makeup look is agrestic earthy touchup with neutral shaded lipsticks and extra deep lash line.

To achieve her smoky eye makeup, begin with applying eyeliner by a flat headed eyeliner brush dunked in black eye shadow. On the top lashes, press the head of the brush inside out and on the bottom lashes, rim inside the eye using a black eyeliner pencil. And you are ready to your Penelope styled smoky eye makeup.

Precisely, to copy her makeup style, keep your eyebrow arched, the shade of your lips pale (something that is one tone lower than your natural skin complexion) and finally, top them all with rustic earthy makeup.

5. Favorite designers

Penelope cannot keep apart her Spanish connection, when it comes to sporting exquisite celebrity style dresses. From L’Wren to the House of Balenciaga, one can easily conclude her undeniable affection for Spain and its designers. She herself believes that only a Spanish designer can understand what will suit better on a Spanish chic like her. Even for her wedding, she considered The House of Balenciaga to create her fairytale wedding gown (the one, who also designed Salma Hayek’s wedding dress) when big names like Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana were desperate to be called. Besides these two Spanish designers, Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, John Galliano and Alber Elbaz are also included among her favorite designers list and they all have designed red carpet dresses for her.

With that said, if you adore her, you need to wear dresses that produce elegance without adding any pinch of vulgarity and raunchiness.

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