7 Points to learn from 2017 Indian State Election Results

India, like other democratic countries, has elections at local, state and national levels. Being the largest democracy, the elections in India are widely discussed all over the world. Recently India had its state assembly elections which were supposed to be the precursor of the 2019 general election. The results showed that the NDA government led by PM Narendra Modi did exceedingly well in most states.

These are some of the points we learned from the recent election results.

Increase in the poll percentage

India is the second most populous country in the world and has a large number of voters also. This does not means that everyone is voting, but this year the election witnessed an increase in number of voters casting their votes. The campaigns which went deep into rural areas of India had shown its effect. This increase indicates more people are aware of whom they should choose and what their rights as a citizen are.

Demonetization and its effects

Demonetization was praised and criticized equally. Demonetization was meant to eradicate corruption and bring out the black money in India. Though the opposition parties made it a major weapon saying how it caused inconvenience to the general public, they couldn’t succeed much. The results showed how the people have put their trust in the government, even though they had to go through some trouble.

Voters from eastern state put their faith in democracy

It is said that the Northeast states are always ignored by the government. The north eastern people were mostly backed up by the Left Wing political parties. This year however the government gave more attention on campaigns in northeastern states. This was proved successful when the people of Manipur shocked the entire nation by voting in favor of the NDA government. This means more attention will be given to the eastern states in the coming year.

Publicity Tactics

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The election witnessed different publicity tactics each year, which was majorly through advertisements, posters, banners or announcements. Social media was used very well this year, bringing more audience and followers to various parties. Photo of the PM was used as a publicity tactic by BJP in many constitutions. By using popular faces, the parties were able to get more votes in their favor. Also leaders were more focused on road shows too.

Did their research and implemented it

The study showed that most parties did their research about analyzing the mood of the voters, instead of depending on other surveys carried out by PR organizations and the media. There were several surveys which enabled parties to understand the voters and do their campaigns accordingly. Instead of handling the research to political data scientists, the NDA did their own data collection and evaluated them in order to understand the tendencies of the voters in different locations.

Sentiment politics won’t work

Image Source : TimesOfIndia.IndiaTimes.Com

In the previous years, political parties used to depend on minority voters and sensitive subjects. This year the result clearly shows that even the areas with most minority population will be voting in favor of the government if the leader is good enough. The results in UP, Manipur and Punjab are examples of this. Instead of being just a voting bank for the parties, the minority communities played pivotal role in forming new governments in different states.

Dynasty politics won’t work

India had been attached to the Gandhi surname for various reasons for quite some decades now. But this year’s election result shows how people did not believe in a person or a family who did not do anything substantial in the recent years. People clearly showed their interest in the party and the leaders. They showed how they can overthrow political families which were ruling them for years and decades. The UP election result is a good example. The people in UP made a difference by voting for the Prime Minister’s party with full majority, and giving others a clear mandate that how and why they lost.

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