Letting the Outsiders in: Accessing Blocked U.S Channels made easy

Admit it: we all hate that infamous “error” or “woops!” notification that so kindly lets us know when we can’t access a certain TV channel. While this is a worldwide occurrence that can happen to anyone, anywhere, this conflict becomes the most problematic for pretty much any country outside of the United States, considering the wide range of high-demand, high-popularity shows streamed here that aren’t up for grabs elsewhere. Luckily, utilizing unblockers like Smart DNS Proxy can serve as your golden ticket through the gateways of the luxurious U.S. channels you’ve been longing for. Continue reading to find out just what this system does, how it works, and more that will allow you to watch whatever you want from wherever you are.

What Is It?

Smart DNS Proxy is a top notch Domain Name System (or DNS) that allows non-U.S users to access all types of streaming services and sites that they typically wouldn’t be able to. The extremely affordable, East African-based company provides a reasonable free trial system, as well as helpful customer service and lightning fast speed, that all combine to allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

How Does It Work?


The Smart DNS Proxy server will first relay information from your device to whatever website you’re trying to gain access to. This will place it right in the middle, making it the messenger going back and forth between the two entities. This means that all of that unknown information that serves as the roadblock prohibiting you from accessing the content, will be re-routed through the sophisticated Proxy server network, giving you full access to it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, fret no more, because Smart DNS Proxy has no catch, and literally gives you the best of all worlds – you can watch HBO go UK, US, or any other regional variant at the push of a button.

What Is It Compatible With?

Smart DNS Proxy is compatible with a wide range of devices, including most PC’s, laptops, smartphones, smart TV’s, and gaming consoles, which allows you access to whatever you’d like, wherever you’d like it, whenever you’d like.

In conclusion, you should never feel like an outsider in terms of channels, and TV programs. No matter if you’re a U.S citizen or not, with a little patience, determination, and access to a smart DNS server like Smart DNS Proxy, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite shows in no time!

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