Japanese too stressed for sex: Survey

Bad news for Japan’s already sluggish birth rate. A new survey conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association shows that most Japanese are too stressed to think of making babies.

A record 39.7 percent of Japanese citizens ages 16-49 have not had.

McDonalds now offers McPasta

Quick, why do you go to McDonalds? French fries, nuggets and burgers and other friend junk? Well, now you can also have pasta!

As part of its ongoing drive to offer healthier fare, McDonalds has now put pasta on its children’s menu.

The Pasta…

Bindi brings back Steve Irwin

Like father, like daughter. ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin may be a fearless crusader, but his eight year old daughter Bindi Irwin is a spitfire too.

The Discovery Kids Channel announced that Bindi will launch her own TV series in June, with her…

David Beckham: I was bullied at school

All you nerdy schoolboys out there – cheer up! Football demigod David Beckham may be the coolest dude on the planet now, but he was bullied too as a kid.

With nothing but football on his mind, junior Beckham stuck out like a sore thumb among his…

Liz Hurley a criminal after Hindu marriage

Elizabeth Hurley has been branded a criminal in India for marrying in a traditional Hindu ceremony. After the much-publicized nuptials in India, angry locals insist she has broken the law.

Vishnu Khandewal, from Jodhpur, claims under 295a of the…

Paris’s boobs back to normal

A day after Paris Hilton made headlines for having had a boob job comes the deflating news. Paris Hilton’s chest is back to normal and flat as ever.

So there never was a boob job. It was just a really good (and padded) bra. Remember Paris’ Guess…

Paris Hilton v/s old lady? Old lady wins

One would think being super-rich, Paris Hilton wouldn’t need to frequent a supermarket for supplies. Wrong! Our girl Paris is leading as normal a life as you and me.

The blonde heiress went to a Beverly Hills supermarket last night. A moment,…

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