Missing Children – Do We Care Enough for Our Little Citizens?

Children gone missing, abducted, sexually assaulted, raped or killed will shock any society. But are our governing bodies doing enough to track the children that are reported missing each year?

Every single day sickening reports emerge of missing…

UK & US scientists decodes Trichomoniasis bugs

Finally, the scientists of UK and US have decoded the genome of the creature. Institute for Genomic Research in Maryland, spent two years on gene decoding project with assistance from experts at Newcastle University.
The scientists have decoded the.

Should performance-enhancing drugs be legalized in sports?

Doping has become a major headache in the sports world with more athletes, giving caution to wind, are getting involved in scandals that rock the very foundations of their respective sports.

A look back at all the major doping scandals in the last.

Supreme Court India finds fault with Domestic Violence Act

Supreme Court India finds fault with Domestic Violence Act.

At the time of drafting the Bill on Domestic Violence Act , we had questioned regarding the Poor drafting of the same and we Consider the same as AK47( When it will fire will not only kill…

Capital punishment: Kills ‘life’ not the ‘crime’

While we have come ahead from the days of the Guillotine, ‘painless death’ for prisoners is still a far cry. The process of condemning someone to death is in itself an unpleasant one and if the death is to be painful it becomes more…

Real fur fashion or merciless slaughter? How do you address it?

Use of real animal fur has shot up worldwide and it’s not surprising when the fur trade is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry involving breeders, trappers, hunters, buyers, dealers, manufacturers, stores, designers and the whole fashion industry…

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