LiLo not Chace-ing anyone!

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I knew it had to happen but I never imagined such a lightning-fast response from LiLo. It was just yesterday that I had reported about LiLo’s early morning Chace adventure and today she has decided to spoil my fun by twisting the whole incident.

LiLo has strongly rubbished the report that she was after Chace when she knocked on his doors at 6 AM in the morning. Actually, I still have some hope alive because she has just twisted the tale and not completely erased the possibilities. In her own words,

It???s not true. I am happy with Samantha. Chace is a mutual friend of ours. It was just a bunch of people hanging out, nothing more. I???m back home with my girl now.

Its fine LiLo. I’m ready to buy your version of the story, but I have just one small problem. Can’t you delete the second sentence?

Source: Celeb Warship

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