Why live-in relations can be better than marriage?

The Indian culture has been pro-marriage since the ancient times. The emphasis has always been on the so-called morals and conducting yourself correctly on moral grounds. However, dumping these so-called morals and embracing the unknown can give you an entirely new perspective to life. Thus, similarly, living-in over marriages can help you a great deal in moving ahead in life and here is why –

Financial Pressure is Low

Financial Pressure is Low

You don’t have to spend a million bucks on first getting married and then getting engaged. You can simply shift together and divide your finances. Moreover, you aren’t left alone to fend for yourself. There are the 2 of you together trying to make ends meet. This is a wonderful feeling. Moreover, all unnecessary spending is entirely cut-off.

The Existence of Mutual Respect

Both partners know that if they do anything to disrupt the space or the dignity of the other, the partner has every right and a full-fledged lee-way to walk out of the house. This becomes a hindrance in marriage with things such as divorce procedures etc. The Live-in aspect of the relationship keeps both partners away from disrespecting each other.

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No Legal Binds

You don’t need a legal document to prove your loyalty to each other. You both love each other enough and no paper is going to be enough to prove that. This is one of the most beautiful things about a live-in relationship. There are no documents.

It is practically easier

As opposed to the numerous norms and traditions that come with a marriage, you don’t have to abide to anything in a live-in relationship. There is no customary wedding night, honeymoon etc. You can plan your own things according to your own wishes and desires. You don’t need a custom for the same.

Thus, living in is not only practical but also easier as opposed to a traditional marriage. Moreover, it reduces pressure on a lot of areas when one is living in and plus, it is a feeling much more beautiful and enthralling in comparison to marriage. For, marriage binds you legally, but its love that binds the hearts in the end.

Summary – These days there is a lot of speculation around marriage. However, this article tells you exactly why marriage is a bad idea.

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