Luis Suarez Surfaces As Next Dracula And Shark—Sharp Skills Gets Him Too Far

Luis Suarez has come to dominate both our minds and this blog too. While the gravity of his hattrick bite and the facts were brought out clearly yesterday, here is a look at the funniest and the best jibes going around the web surrounding the player. The player has a slightly modified version of buck tooth. Yet, by the admission of most viewers, he has a cute charm. Given that FIFA can only stop him from playing, the worthwhile question lies in whether; he can be stopped from biting. Here are the best manifestations—all in true blue humor—that we found trending.

Count Dracula, nee, Suarez—His tendency and affinity to bite the shoulders came about as a shocking reminder. Is he was a reincarnated version of count Dracula after all? Well, if at all, Suarez is banned for two years, he can look to Hollywood. They sure could lap him up for the next remake of the classic Dracula tale. Or even a new version of the Vampire Diaries.

Ambassador for Amul or just about any choco bar brand—From Snickers to Amul, Suarez’s teeth could be the best thing to bite with. The depth of these items in terms of taste could be relished and Suarez’s teeth could even be ambassador to endorse the products.

Teething His Way Into Jaws- Oh well, Suarez is also being considered for the next installment of the classic franchise Jaws. We just never understood why Spielberg stopped making more Jaws flicks. And now, we know that the world was waiting for one Luis Suarez to sharpen up and sharpen his jaws, err, teeth!
Well, with the graveness of the soup he is in, perhaps his only solace could be to laugh out loud at his jokes online. Otherwise, only one phrase goes for the Uruguayan player—God save Suarez.

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