Sonia And Rahul Gandhi’s “Bure Din” Here—Summons For The Duo, Thanks To Subramanium Swamy

Now while the “acche din” brigade is facing flak, there is some real bad news for the Congress camp. Mom-son duo Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have received summons to appear in court. This is in connection to the allegations by Subramanium Swamy, from BJP, in context of the National Herald newspaper case. They have been summoned on 7th August.Kuch din to Gujaroo.. Tihar me..!! A Delhi court has summoned Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president…

— Ashok K Singh (@Ashoka_Lawyer) June 27, 2014

If you rewind your memory, then the newspaper was initiated back in 1938 by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. However, it had to cease publication from 2008 onwards. Now, in a fresh whip of controversy, the Gandhis went ahead and initiated a private firm called Young Indians. Subramaniam alleges that they also acquired a public limited company against only INR 50 lakhs. All this, when the property associated with the latter company stood at a value of INR 1600 crores. When India is crippled in poverty and lack of basic resources that dominated the UPA regime, is this not a blunder of an occurrence?

More so, the AICC supposedly sanctioned a loan of INR 90 lakhs to the company. When did it income tax-free and fair for a political party to render commercial loans? Well, the Gandhis tried to change norms, not just bend them. The latest twist in the tale comes from Gomati Manocha who has gone on record stating, “I have found prima facie evidence against all the accused. The court has directed them to appear before it on August 7.”In fact, early on, Rahul Gandhi had also mulled filing a case against Swamy for defamation, in 2012, Gandhi has consistently defended the allegations as baseless and false.

However, now it is to be seen what he has to say in court. The Gandhis have come under the scanner for ages now but this is high time that their offences are actually brought to book.

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