Making a Logo Online: Everything You Might Need to Know

Making a Logo Online

The logo is the “face” of the brand. It talks about the services, products, values ​​and history of the company. The logo can act as a trademark that needs official registration. In this article, we’ll show you how to create it. Turbologo’s online designer will help you develop a unique and effective logo.

What is a logo

The logo symbolically or allegorically expresses the essence of the company. This can be done using graphic as well as verbal techniques.

In a few letters (not to be confused with an abbreviation!) The meaning of the name of any organization is encrypted. A drawing or ideogram may also be used. There are 3 main species that are ubiquitous. All the variety of logos can be classified by image. Each belongs to one of the following sections:

  • Picture;
  • Text;
  • Picture + text.

Organizations, especially trading ones, most often use the latter type. It is the most convenient, because it can combine the emblem and the short name of the company.

How to make a logo online

Before you move on to creating a logo online with Turbologo, you need to get all the information you need to design it. Idea for a logo On the Turbologo website, you can find galleries with examples to inspire.

Also, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the logo of other companies, find out what advantages and disadvantages they have. Of course, you should not copy the design completely, but just find some nuances that you like.

In addition, you can make several sketches of the future logo. Try writing your brand name using different styles, fonts, symbols, and icons. Perhaps one of the sketches will serve as the basis for your logo.

1.   The target audience

The main thing in the logo is not fashion. It has a specific function and should be useful to the company. In the process of creating a logo, you need to clearly understand who your customers are, what they like, what qualities of your company they appreciate. Finding this out is essential in order to create a logo that will evoke the feelings and emotions that you need and thus create a positive impression of your company.

2.   Creation rules

An effective logo can only be obtained if the generally recognized rules are observed:

  • With a simple design, the logo can be easily remembered and recognized;
  • Effective design distinguishes the company logo from others;
  • The logo must be relevant for a long time;
  • A high-quality logo will always look great in any environment and in any form.

3.   The form

The shape of the logo matters. It depends on what impression it will make on people. Certain shapes evoke certain feelings and emotions. For example, the square symbolizes stability and constancy, the triangle symbolizes strength and knowledge. Therefore, it is important to know what you want to convey to people, and how the shape of the emblem will help you with this.

4.   Color

When choosing a color for your logo, think about what color reflects your company’s personality. For example, if your company is fun, creative, and vibrant, consider using yellow or orange shades in your logo. And for organizations that want to emphasize solidity and constancy, the blue color is suitable.

So, having learned the basic information that is necessary to create a logo, you can begin to develop it.

Everything is simple here:

  • Go to Turbologo’s website;
  • Enter the name of the company;
  • Choose your favorite design;
  • Make adjustments if necessary;
  • Save the result;
  • Download the finished logo.

That’s all! We hope our tips will help you create the best logo for your company. Good luck!

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