McDonald protects sandwiches from spamming, queues for a patent

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Previously it were chefs queuing up for getting their recipes patented, but now McDonald is reported to have filed-up for patenting the method and apparatus used for making sandwiches. The reason for claiming a 55-page IPR as claimed by McDonald is to rollout sandwiched of the same look and taste in the restaurants worldwide. Consumers can very well wonder whether McDonalds wants to patent a chicken patty with normal sandwich garnishes and ordinary sandwich bun or is it that McDonald is not sure of the authenticity of products served at its restaurants worldwide.

McDonald with its guilt-ridden past has perhaps gone for an attempt in proving its brand for a foodstuff that has a rich culinary flexibility. Briefly, McDonald cannot claim that it makes out-of-the-box sandwiches having the stamp of KFC and Taco Bell and people at Subway and Wendy, might not be least interested in following the tainted sandwiches of McDonald.

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