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Heavy construction activities aren’t easy to perform. Things like soldering, welding, brazing and more are not a layman’s tasks to perform. That’s why we leave them to the specialists. And that’s where the leader in non-ferrous metals, soldering consumables, and babbitt as well as low temperature alloys step in.

Meet MetaConcept Groupe – a company specializing in soldering consumables, babbitt alloys, low temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals. This company has made its mark not only in French (where it originated), but also in numerous countries around the world. Here’s why you too should trust MetaConcept Groupe when it comes to acquiring metals or metal-related services for your industry.

No one does what MetaConcept Groupe does:

babbitt alloysIf you run an industry that requires metal use in any size and shape – your best bet is to contact MetaConcept Groupe! This French company sells a wide range of products for industrial use in humungous industries such as aeronautics, construction, automotive, nuclear, fashion, jewelry and even food.

These products range from babbitt alloys to low melting point alloys, laminates, rods, preforms, wires, and much more!

Has an international reputation:

Not only does MetaConcept Group operate in France with a strong team of eight salespeople, but its expanse goes beyond the European continent to Middle-East and Asian countries, along with Russia and America!

With a diverse team of 4 salespersons with expertise in languages such as French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and more – be rest assured that your needs and requirements will be well taken care of.

Works on every kind of metal you need:

Works on every kind of metal you needIn an industry that is engaged in heavy metal use, the requirement for good, varied quality metals never comes to an end. So, no matter which metal product your industry needs, it’s always in stock at MetaConcept Groupe.

Here is a list of products that the company offers to industries/retailers/manufacturers:

  • Anodes
  • Gas Flame
  • Solid & Cored Wires
  • Babbitt Alloy/Low Temperature Alloy
  • Laminates (Tin-Based)
  • Silicones
  • Preforms
  • Ingots
  • Blowpipes

The list doesn’t end here! And this is a testimony to why MetaConcept Groupe is a leading company when it comes to non-ferrous metals, low melting point alloy, and soldering consumables.

Committed to recycling:

Not many industrial goods suppliers care much for the environment. But MetaConcept Groupe is different.

The company has its own division for scrap metal recycling. It has an internal system for separating complex waste such as lead or tin, and redistribute the same to various locations for further recycled usage.

Not only does this system allow the company to reduce material wastage, but also contribute to zero pollution in the long run.

MetaConcept Groupe is not only a leading French specialist in the distribution and delivery of non-ferrous metals, babbitt alloys, and soldering consumables, but also has an international reputation for the same in many countries outside the European continent. So, here’s the bottom line – Think metals. Think MetaConcept Groupe.

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