Are Mexican guys sexy or lusty?

The culture is really hard to handle some times. Lot of women are expected to put up with their husbands who hang around with their friends all the time and they do not wish to have their wives working.Mexicans are lusty

Mexicans are lusty– Mexican men want sex. A lot of Mexicans come to work in U.S. and do not look for a long term commitment. They have their wives and children at home waiting for them. So if one is not careful about them could abandon a woman when she becomes pregnant.

Macho Mexican– Mexican men are macho and believe that their wives should stay at home and do the household work like wash dishes, clean clothes etc. Mexican men are handsome but rarely do they utter a word in English. They would love to have spicy foods and romance for the entire day.

Mexican man’s look– Some Mexican men are short dark ones and there are others who have a light tan with dark hair, dark eyes which make them look hot and sexy.Every culture and race has its good and bad side. Mexican and Spanish guys prefer to love girls that are hard to get. If one is an easy catch for them, they would not considerone seriously.

, Diego Boneta

Mexican Celebrities and actors– Mexican Americans are Hispanic and Latino Americans claim ‘Mexican’ ancestry. There are immigrants who have gained American citizenship after Mexican Southwest was included as U.S. territory in 1948. One did not know that there were so many Mexican celebrities and actors. Anthony Quinn, Ricardo Montalban, Diego Boneta, Joshua Alba, Kevin Alejandro, Mario Lopez, Chrispin Martin, A Martinez, George Lopez, Gabriel Iglesias, Micheal Pena, Walter Perez, Paul Rodriguez, Valente Rodriguez and many more. Among the musicians and music groups there are: Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro, Adan Sanchez, John Trudell. In marital arts there are hunks like: Tito Ortiz and Cain Velasquez. While in boxing there is Oscar De La Hoya and Jesse James Leija. Not to forget the soccer, there is Carlos Bocanegra.

To conclude, it depends on whom one dates a handsome hunk that is lusty or otherwise. None the less, Mexican Guys are hot and the list of celebrities is proof!

Summary – Mexican guys have mixed combination of traits in them.  Some of them expect different things from a woman.

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