Lindsay Lohan escaping $90K Limo ride bills

Lindsay Lohan

Seems like Lindsay Lohan is no mood to farewell drama as she is once again dropped down into another legal controversy. And, this time it is for escaping $90K Limo ride bills. Lohan, 25 is allegedly being sued by Elite services for failing to pay the due Limo rental, which she reserved back in 2009.

According to Elite transportation Limo and security services, the ???Mean Girls??? star owes the company a whooping amount of $90k for the services she had from February 2009 till May 2009. The actress reserved the limo for herself and of course, her families and friends, and did not pay the company a single penny for their services. Elite also claims that Limo took Lohan to airports, a Lakers game, the Chateau Marmont hotel and obviously to the drug rehabilitation center, and also accompanied her with security on multiple occasions. Although the original payment was estimated to be about $33k, the unpaid balance has now been swelled up to approx. $56K, due to 5% late charges and penalties.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and her PR rep are trying to escape media on the served lawsuit, which the Elite Transportation has filed earlier on October 7. TMZ states, Lindsay and the Tri-Star owes a big amount to elite services, but has not paid the company, even after two years.

The 25 year old actress/singer and former teen star Lindsay Lohan made her debut in Hollywood with Disney???s 1998 remake of ???The Parent Trap??? and is known for her professional and behavioral inconsistencies than her acting skills. Currently, she is doing nothing more than partying, a little charity work, attending fashion shows and trying to get her back in film industry.

The actress is already facing legal accusations for drunken rage and stealing jewelry from a local LA jewelry store, besides other professional controversies. It is the second time in the month when Lindsay hit the news headlines. Before this legal drama, she tried to physically assault a photographer, but accidentally hit a brunette woman in a bar. However, no reports were filed against Lindsay by the victim or the photographer and that case was later disclosed. Earlier on May 27, Lindsay was arrested in Beverley Hills, California for an illegal possession of Cocaine and DUI.

The new reports also claim that LiLo has recently bought an expensive Porsche Panamera worth $80,000 from a downtown based dealership after her trip from the Milan Fashion Week. Although with so much of debt over the shoulder, we reckon she shouldn???t have bought anything, so swanky. Well, what???s your thought?

Do you think Lindsay will ever pay up the company for their Limo services? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below.

Checking into addiction rehabs has become quite common among celebrities nowadays.

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