Why is NaMo the only one who can change India?

All of us living in India very well know what the current state of our motherland is. We are neither the poor and backward country as was shown in the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire nor are we as advanced and as promising as some of us believe we are. We are somewhere stuck in the middle and there seems no way out.good public transport_1

True Focus:

We have Gujarat as an example to prove that Modi delivers what he promises. He has promised a bullet train, so here’s hoping that we do get one; it is high time we had some good public transport, isn’t it?

Nation Love:

NaMo seems to be a patriot. The way he proclaims his love seems no short of patriotism. He loves the country like a citizen should and therefore it is hoped that he will do something for the betterment of the people. The industrial and business development of Gujarat making it one of the most successful and progressive states of the country are a prime example of Modi’s love towards the land. A true son is what he is aiming of becoming.

say Bye-Bye to Corruption

Bye-Bye Corruption:

What is the one thing, we are all sick and tired of but it doesn’t seem to leave our sides? Yes, Corruption. And, if the IAS Officers are to be believed they have never seen Modi take or give a bribe. Many have said that Modi gave soft loans to the industrialists thus contributing in Gujarats’ exponential fiscal growth. But all we should really look forward to is the corruption free PM, for which we were so desperate after all the scams Congress had lined up one after the other.

Crime Free:

Though we all know about the Godhra Massacre that shook the whole nation in 2002 and its subsequent years and that brough NaMo into the limelight, care we look for the brighter side now? Since the massacres and riots of 2002 there hasn’t been one single riot in Gujarat in the last 12 years, unbelievable right?

These are just some of the reasons that we think NaMo is the man. There are many more, but all is well that ends well and let us hope that Modi proves to be the man what he claims he is.

Summary – Mr. Narendra Modi or he is now-a-days popularly called, NaMo is in my opinion the only man who can change India.

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