Narendra Modi as a major contender for Time Magazine Person of the Year title

It is that time of the year when the Time Magazine honors the world’s most influential individual with the ‘Person of the Year’ title. And a rather surprising entry this year happens to be India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Following a really impressive debut on the list of Most Powerful People in the World published by Forbes earlier this year, Modi is considered to be the front runner for the coveted award. In fact, he features way up in the list, taking up the second spot only after Russian President Vladimir Putin with 3.8% votes. The Times magazine bestows the ‘Person of the Year’ title to individuals who have influenced the news as well as the lives of many, either for good or bad, in the last year.

Considered as a ‘Rock Star’ prime minister, Modi was once considered as one of the most controversial regional leaders in India. However, he trounced the Congress party in the Lok Sabha elections this year in what can only be called a landslide victory to become India’s prime minister. In contrast to his earlier motives, Modi has impressed his voters and silenced his critics after assuming office.


Modi is one of the 50 other global political leaders, business tycoons and pop icons who have been selected as nominees for the honor. Some of the other influential political leaders in the list include Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and US President Barack Obama. The business tycoons featured in the list include Apple CEO Tim Cook, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, auto major GM’s CEO Mary Barra, and e-commerce site Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma. Pop icons like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and reality star Kim Kardashian also feature in the list, along with ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the 200 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram earlier this year.

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After Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi, the doctors and health workers currently working to curb the Ebola outbreak feature third in the list. The fourth and fifth places in the list go to Nobel Peace prize Winner Malala Yousuf and Pope Francis who won the title last year.

Times Magazine will decide the winner based on readers’ votes. Voting for the same in open till 11.59 p.m. on December 6th. Following this, the Times magazine will announce the results as well as the ‘Time Person of the Year’ on the International Human Rights Day which happens to fall on December 10th.


Time magazine is all set to announce its annual ‘Time Person of the Year Award.’ Following Vladimir Putin at first place, the second contender for the title is India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The list also features 48 other global figures, with the magazine choosing the winner via a readers’ poll.

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