How to Make an American Man Fall in Love with You

If you like an American man and you want it to go somewhere; you have to be obvious about it. Here are some tips to let an American guy know you’re interested and to have him head over heels for you!

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Don’t be shy and let him know you’re interested.

American guys tend to be very attracted to confidence and even a little bit of cockiness on occasion. Plus, sometimes hints aren’t enough to let a guy know how you feel. You might think you’re dropping obvious hints that you like a guy, but you’d be surprised with what goes over their heads. Just ask him out or let him know you like him.

Let him work for it.

Sure, let him know you’re interested, but after that don’t make it too easy for him. A lot of people, girls and guys alike, like the chase. It’s fun and exciting and it makes them feel like they’re earning you. If you sleep with a guy right away, sure he’s going to love that, but it’s also likely he’ll lose interest after that. Also, think of how that makes you come off. He’ll think you’re easy and you do this all the time, and that he’s nothing special. Go out on a few dates with him before doing anything between the sheets with an American guy to keep him wanting more. You’ll get to know each other really well and he’ll start falling for you.

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Texting is another thing that will keep a guy interested.

Some guys say they aren’t good at texting, but usually if a guy likes you he will make the time to talk to you. It’s nice to know you want to talk to him and that you’re thinking of him. A lot of guys say that emoticons are good for girls to use when texting them. It makes your texts more fun, friendly, and endearing. Send him a smiley face or a wink face once in awhile with a text to make him smile.

Show off what you got with how you dress.

Draw attention to your favourite features or to the features American men tend to love in a woman. Typically, the breasts and legs are any man’s favourite parts of a woman, including American men. So, wear a dress, something low cut, something tight and form fitting, or something that shows off your legs. Depending on the guy, you should dress in something casual. Heels help make your legs look longer, leaner, and sexier. These type of clothes make you look great and will make you look confident, which is something American men love- confidence.

When it comes to American men, just follow these tips. He’ll fall for you before you even know it!

Summary – It can be hard to get a man sometimes, and American men are no different. Not to be too harsh on the male population, but men (especially American men) can be quite clueless.

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