Narendra Modi modifying Indian politics

Narendra Modi is a politician who had to walk a long way to transform himself from a tea seller to a skilled politician. Under Modi’s leadership, BJP has managed to put aside the dynastic leadership of the Nehru-Gandhi family. This election’s tally has proved to be the worst tally for Congress party, as BJP witnessed a landslide victory. Narendra Modi has proved his worth of being the backbone of the BJP party. Following are some points that describe how Naredra Modi has modified the entire Indian political geography.


One of the rare chief ministers who turned PM

Modi has marked a place for himself in the list of rare politicians who got a chance to jump from a chief minister post to the top post. He has been the chief minister of Gujarat for three terms, which means for fifteen years. This is something that throws light on Modi’s capabilities, and this also shows that how good performer he can be in the future endeavors. This record of Modi is liked by various foreign investors and businesses whose investments have led to the economic growth in Gujarat.

A break from coalition era

BJP will refrain from the coalition trend of governments wherein parties with dissimilar agendas combine as per convenience to form a government. However, BJP will be free to make decisions and policies that they find good. Modi will be the first Prime Minister in a long span of thirty years who will be getting absolute liberty to decide and pick a team of ministers.


Traditional calculations went wrong

Modi’s victory has proved various calculations wrong. People have voted for BJP and not for Congress, which is a party that conducted multifarious programs for the poor just before the elections. Some other parties who used caste system and various religions to accomplish their selfish ends also tasted defeat. Modi surpassed all the parties and proved all the traditional calculations wrong.

Modi’s Foreign Front

Modi has a fascination for China and this is why while he was the chief minister of Gujarat, he allowed multifarious Chinese investors to come to Gujarat and invest there. He taught the other states also that how to benefit from foreign direct investment. Modi has had some problem with the UK, as they denied him the visa. However, after this grand victory of Modi, even the US has also changed its mind and is looking forward to strengthen the economic ties.

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