What you need to know about the next PM – Narendra Modi

A charismatic yet controversial political leader – Narendra Modi – is all set to be a leader of India for the next five years. He won a landslide victory in the biggest election of the nation. Now, as he is all set to get hold of the Prime Minister post, we thought of bringing some of the main characteristics and traits of his personality and behavior to your notice. Read on and get to know your next PM even better.

A Humble Beginning

63 years old Narendra Modi, was born as a son of a tea seller in Gujarat. At quite an early age, he started working as a tea seller at Ahmedabad railway stations and bus terminals. The entire journey from nobody to somebody is worth admiration.

Sixteenth Prime Minister

Narendra Modi will be 16th PM of India, after his landslide victory in the largest democratic elections. He has become the first PM after 1984 to secure the largest mandate. He will succeed PM Manmohan Singh belonging to the Congress party.

A Hindu Nationalist

Modi’s political and cultural ideology has its roots embedded in Hindutva. The main agenda on the BJP election manifesto was Hindutva, with great emphasis to cut down beef exports and a vow to build a temple where a mosque was destroyed.


Better known as a Development Man

He is a man with pro- business agenda. World’s richest Indian businesspersons endorse him. He is someone who has attracted huge investments to his home state Gujarat. He brought up the growth rate of economy in Gujarat to 10% a year, which is even more than the yearly growth in the national economy.

He has been denied the US visa since 2005

For nine years, Modi has been denied visa by the US government because of his incapacity to stop the deadly communal riots in Gujarat, which killed thousands of people, mainly Muslims. However, Modi’s meeting with the US ambassador to India, and now his victory has opened his ways to the US. The US diplomats now welcome Modi to their land.

Modi is a powerful speaker

Modi’s provocative speeches with an influential delivery make him one of the most effective public speaker in politics. He is very articulate during interviews.

Modi has an ambiguous approach to the women’s issues

BJP’s manifesto has specifications for women empowerment and security, but Narendra Modi has unclear approach to women. As in, he kept his wife as a dark secret for so many years; he has just two women in his state cabinet of nineteen ministers. Therefore, the entire pproach is complicated.

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