Never fight over the remote control – Get Universal Remote Control!

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You beg, cry, and wail. But prayers to possess TV remote control go unanswered. Dad commands to see stocks and politics on TV, Mom emotionally persuades you to feed her with the melodramatic shows, Sister’s beauty and lifestyle programmes take you on a frenzy trot. And the same fashion extends to coffee shops, malls, bars etc.

You step out of “Who gets remote?” foolhardiness only to enrol in flustered world where boys can be seen drooling over skinny legged on FTV, girls are found screaming on the sight of Hrithik flexing muscles, uncles overpower the hullabaloo with their political predictions while being glued to news channels and aunties partake in hubbub with their ever so raucous cookery show discussions.

You hanker after both peace and manoeuvre. Conflicts rage within you, and ugliness triggers off. You find yourself among adversaries not mates. All you fancy for is fundamental right empowering you to see and hear what you want wherever in physical space.

Do not expect wearisome reform process to offer you liberation from tumultuous setting. If you are one among unequals – do not lose cool, do not wage war over the remote control. Get Universal Remote control!

Universal remote control lets you hold sway over fun, entertainment. It transcends “you” into universal. Universal remote control puts you in the capacity to curb TV madness. It is nifty in harassing TV addicted users. Most of all, it authorizes you with the ability to control what you see and hear wherever you go.

Universal remote control resembles other TV controls but unleashes magnanimous powers to control 99% of televisions. And supplements the pleasure of authority with the dosage of fun.

You poke people by switching off TV while they are engrossed watching non-sensical shows. You stun populace at high street electronics store. Uncles, aunties, boys and girls are stifled with the power of universal remote control. And at home, you regain glory as you are the proud possessor of Universal Remote Control.

Eliminate clutter, suppress perplexity. Go and spread TV terror as universal remote control enables you to switch off the crap on TVs wherever and whenever. Somebody talked about right TV viewing habits…. It’s your time to dictate terms.

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