No hard labour for Sanjay Dutt in Yerwada prison

Actor Sanjay Dutt has put an unusual demand before the prison authorities in Pune’s Yerwada prison where he has been lodged as part of his sentence. Sanjay was reportedly shifted to Yerwada prison about nine days ago along with another accused in the 1993 bomb blast case.


Sanjay Dutt has been cooling his heels in the barracks of the prison since he came to Pune and has not been allocated any work. Sanjay himself initiated a dialogue with the prison authorities as he wanted hard labour work for himself as this would help him to enjoy a sound night’s sleep. However, his request has been turned down owing to security threat that might arise in case he is allocated some hard labour work along with other prisoners.

The Bollywood star has also requested the prison authorities that he should not be allocated any chair weaving work as this can affect his eyesight. Yogesh Desai, the superintendent of Pune prison has confirmed that no work has been allocated to Sanjay Dutt. He also pointed out that the Bollywood star will not be allowed to move outside his barrack as this amounts to security breach and the star could be a potential target for any prisoner who might attack him. The prison authorities are not prepared to take any such chance and have therefore decided to follow the safe way and have refused any hard labour work for Sanjay.

The superintendent pointed out that the prison has a number of industrial units in operation and the star could be allocated work in any of these after due deliberation. It is imperative for a prisoner to work in the prison and the wages range between Rs 12 to 20 depending upon the work.

The star however has granted some leniency when it comes to providing facilities to him. Sanjay has been allowed use of a mattress, a table fan along with some the essentials. However, the prison authorities had turned down his demand for electronic cigarettes. The star is addicted to smoking and to give up smoking, he was put on electronic cigarettes. However, the court citing prison laws did not allow Sanjay to smoke in the prison. Abstaining seems to be policy in use in prison and the prison authorities hope that by disallowing him smoking, the habit of smoking will go naturally.

A Bollywood prisoner like Sanjay Dutt is a cause of concern for the prison authorities too as it stretches their limited resources. Apart from caring for other inmates who enjoy equal status as Sanjay Dutt in the prison, the authorities have also to ensure that Sanjay Dutt is safe all the while as he has reportedly received death threats in the recent past.

Sanjay has already completed one and a half years of his prison term and is back in the Yerwada Jail to complete rest of his prison term. It is anybody’s guess though that if Bollywood will receive him with open arms after he completes his prison term. This is however a long haul as he has another three and a half years in prison.

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