Politics over death- Congress blames BJP of being in league with maoists

Hardly has a week passed to the brutal killings in Chhattisgarh and politics has begun on the incident. Congress has accused the BJP of being in collusion with the maoists in order to target its Parivartan Yatra, so as to prevent the party from coming to power.

In order to register its protest more forcefully, the Congress party has decided to skip the all party meeting being called by the Chief Minister Mr. Raman Singh to discuss the issues related to maoist attacks and chalk out a policy to deal with this menace of terrorism unleashed by the maoists.


AICC spokesperson Bhaktacharan Das pointed out that Congress has activated the political process in the region and BJP was unnerved on seeing the tribal population standing strongly behind Congress. In his words, a maoist-BJP nexus is in operation, so as to keep Congress away.

The Congress party is meanwhile gunning for the Chief Minister and is demanding Raman Singh’s resignation owing moral responsibility for the incident.

Meanwhile, finding itself cornered on the issue the state government has suspended the SP of Bastar Range and shifted the concerned IG. However, little will be realized through such measures and blaming each other for the problem will only further compound the problem.

Crores of rupees are being pumped into the region on name of development though little developmental works have been initiated on ground level. There is power shortage in the region and despite the region being a hub of natural mineral wealth; the locals have always been poor. This kind of atmosphere creates a breeding ground for insurgency and local population which is uneducated and has little means of livelihood often gets swayed by maoists who unfortunately have started taking advantage of the situation.


The maoists have been able to create, what they call as liberated zones in state of Chhattisgarh. Darbha gathi lies in one such zone only. Speculations in political circle are ripe that the route of the convey was changed during the last minute on insistence of a local leader who is yet to be identified. While the top brass of the party is blaming the BJP for the incident, a section of party men at the lower level have been raising fingers of suspicion towards the leaders within the party. Some are even blaming Ajit Jogi for the incident who reportedly left for Sukma after the rally in a chopper.

The political leadership of both Congress and BJP need to realize the gravity of the moment and desist from mudslinging at each other. The maoists know very well to take advantage of such situations and this is what is happening precisely. Sensing that the administration and leadership of both the key parties are divided over the issue, the maoists have found ample time to regroup and plan more such attacks. The need of the hour is to devise a comprehensive policy for dealing with such problems so that no more attack like this one occurs in Chhattisgarh or any other place affected by the naxal problem.

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