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A 23-year old MBA student of Noida is another victim of MMS sex scandal. She was filmed by her boyfriend when she was stripping off his clothes on music. Her boyfriend circulated the MMS because she refused to marry him. This is not the first case of that kind. It is happening in the country from the last few years. In 2004, a boy of class 12 of DPS shot his intimate sex relations with his girl friend and circulated among his friends. Both students were expelled from the school. The girl was sent abroad by her family and the boy got admission in another school after getting bail in the case. The staggering fact of this case was that both were minors. In 2006, a girl student in Aurangabad College returned her home in Shilong, when her MMS oral sex clip became the topic of discussion in college campus.

MMS Sex scandals are not limited to love birds’ adventurous game. There are some cases in the country where Hotel or mall’s employees were involved in putting hidden pinhole cameras in the hotel rooms and changing rooms of the girls. Sometimes, it is found that hidden cameras were put in public toilets also. There are also few news items on internet, if it is to believed, that one gentle man from Pune put the spy camera in the room of the girls, who were living on rent in his building and used to watch them on his TV.

In 2005, three hotel staffers in Ludhiana were caught red handed when they were filming the couple. These incidents are not limited to our country. In 2005, a student of Singapore took the inappropriate pictures of his teacher and circulated them on payment to his colleagues. According to a Asian electronic publication, explicit photographs of a 13-year old Melbourne girl were put on a social networking site, MySpace, by a cyber bully. The girl told that she sent those pictures to his boyfriend.

The fantasy of voyeurism among the youths is one of the important factors in such type of scandals. Modernisation has given the easy access to these gadgets. Technology has pros and cons but how you use it, it depends. Internet or modern gadgets can feed you the news from any part of the world or you may use it for chatting with your friends sitting thousands of miles away. It can be used for other anti social purposes also to defame any one or fro other malicious motives. These MMS were not limited in the Delhi only, but could be seen in the mobile phones, computers or Laptops of the youngsters in other parts of the country. This issue was raised in parliament also but nothing happened to tackle these issues effectively.

Many girls are defamed or become the victims of these scandals because their obscene MMS were put on the Internet or circulated among the friends just for the sake of enjoyment, adventure or for quick popularity. Most of the cases are the result of the blind faith of the girl on his partner. And the girls are cheated again and again and again. But I don’t want to put the blame only on boys, girls also must relook their attitude.

I am not the right person to preach the girls or boys, ‘how should they behave in their personal relation’? They have all the rights to decide what they should do and what they should not. But they must not forget the line of decency or the ‘Laxman Rekha’. Crossing the limit may harm the dignity of the relation as a whole and the family’s reputation in the society. No would come and dictate the norms for them to follow but they have to make their own rules and their own limits.

Government is also lacking the stringent acts against these techno- voyeurs. The best thing that the girls and the couples in public places must be aware and must inform the police if they found any thing suspicious in the hotel room, changing room or for that matter, any where. This is the best way to be away from the unwanted fuss. I think the self-proclaimed ‘moral police’ should come here and show their guts to prevent these activities. But I doubt, they will take any initiative.

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