Oak Innovation Review: Time-Saving Customized Employee Development Courses

Oak Innovation Review

No matter whether you are an employer or manager, there’s nothing more important than the development of your employees. Nevertheless, choosing the ordinary path would only delay the destination. First, you would need to assess your employees and find out what they are good at. Afterwards, you have to entrust them with a task where they have to show these qualities. Once you are done with this, you need to analyze their performance and decide which employee deserves to be in which position.

This is a very long process, and even when you are done with it, you won’t be sure whether you can get a certain employee to work on a project involving risk. In fact, you have to repeat it multiple times till you are absolutely certain about who stands where. This would require a lot of time, and in business time is money. So, why not spend a little money in the beginning and streamline the process? Well, at least this is what the employee development courses at oakinnovation.com promise. Let’s check out whether they fulfill the promise or not.

Main Employee Development Courses at Oak Innovation

1. Project Management

Project ManagementImage Source : oakinnovation.com

If you are an employer, you can easily imagine yourself getting into position where you have to tell the team what to do, and ultimately, they would do what you tell them to do. But, if you have ever been in such a situation, you know how difficult it is.

What most you need in such a situation is presentations and manuals that are ready at hand, and that you can use as material employee training. If you have really spent time in your field, you can improvise the presentations a little by adding your personal experience to the mix. At a price of ₹2000, this course grants you access to training material that thoroughly discusses project management. Just make sure that you go through the course overview first, so that you have a better idea of what you would find inside.

2. Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and MentoringImage Source : oakinnovation.com

Once you’ve been in your field for quite some time and have some sort of expertise, coaching and mentoring follows almost inevitably. If, however, you aren’t able to make the switch or you are finding it difficult to do so, this course is what you might be needing. It explains coaching and mentoring in detail making clear what it should be and how to do it right.

You can even keep it as a handbook while teaching others how to coach and mentor. It comes with separate manuals for both the participant and facilitator along with informative PowerPoint slides and loads of bonus material. Right now, Oak Innovation is holding a 50% discount over the course, and selling it for ₹1000. So, if you are thinking of buying it now is the best time.

3. Sales

employee-motivationImage Source : oakinnovation.com

Those in the sales department know that at the end of the day, only the sales matter. It isn’t just enough to know the strategies; you also need to keep your employees motivated throughout, and for that you’d need some material at hand. Otherwise, there’s a great chance that your employees would get bored of listening to the same old tactics and might lose the motivation.

The 76-page participant manual that comes along with this course would give them loads to consider and practice. While sales is mostly practical, having a great theoretical understanding of the craft would make you better at analyzing your performance and better assessing your strong and weak points. It’s available at Oak Innovation’s website for ₹2000.

4. Effective Complaint Handling

Effective Complaint HandlingImage Source : oakinnovation.com

While most of the businesses focus on boosting the sales, complaint handling rarely gets the respect that it deserves. But it might be the most important aspect when it comes to having satisfied customers who don’t fail to come back. It is a must if you want to get better online reviews or even have a better word of mouth publicity.

This course acquaints you with the consequences of poor complaint handling that most of us tend to ignore. It comes with one facilitator and one participant manual. So, no matter whether you are manager looking to make your employees better at complaint handling or whether you are an employee looking for better incentives, this course could be of immense help. Since it is much an ignored aspect of sales, investing a little in complaint handling is sure to give multifold returns.

5. Telesales Course

Telesales CourseImage Source : oakinnovation.com

There was a time when Telesales was amongst the easiest type of sales, as you never really faced the customer. But, now it’s the opposite. You still don’t face the customer, but nowadays an average customer receives so many calls from Telesellers that they don’t trust them anywhere, resulting in poor client conversion rate. The worst is when your numbers get marked for spam.

Despite its visible disadvantages, if you spend time in training your Telesales staff, it would surely result in an improved conversion rate. The Telesales course by Oak Innovation provides you with enough material to train your Telesales department. It gives details regarding what can block a Telesales process, and what are the different Telesales strategies that you can employ to overcome this block.

6. Presentation Skills

Presentation SkillsImage Source : oakinnovation.com

What could be stranger than a presentation on presentation skills? But if your business relies too much on presentations, it is a necessity. With a 29-page facilitator manual and 98-page participant manual, this is what this course by Oak Innovation tries to achieve. Apart from teaching you how to give better presentations, it also teaches you how to teach others to do the same. Apart from the manuals, the course would also provide you with PowerPoint slides and practical exercises. It would rid you of the necessity of preparing a presentation, and you can focus on how to get better at it. Like most of the other courses on the site, this course also comes with a price tag of ₹2000.

Other important employee development courses

time managementOak Innovation also provides with courses on other aspects of employee development like time management, stress management, problem solving, effective meetings, team work, etc. If you want think you need them all you can get all the courses for ₹2000. Furthermore, for a limited period, you can also get a 30% discount on all the products by using the coupon code DrPrem30. So, hurry up and make the most of it.

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