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For getting traffic and visibility to your blogs, it is best to write on such topics which are shared at the social platforms. The reason that more traction is given to the viral topics is that it is valuable to every reader. Such type of content will let you get shares and links as well. Your domain expertise will be displayed like a breeze if you post or follow the latest stuff trending in the industry. It will get you subscribers and followers. Hack up the industrial trends and make an effective strategy for content marketing. Here are a few sources for finding trending content in 2018.

Tools for finding trending content in 2018

  1. Feedly:

    Feedly is among the best tools to search for finding trending content in 2018. This tool makes you follow the top most blogs in the niche with a single click. Choose a category to search out for any relevant publication. Subscribe to its feed and get the best content in the Feedly Dashboard. Feedly is freemium app on the mobile as well as on desktop.

  2. Medium:Another trendy place for finding trending content in 2018 is the medium.Medium is a platform for content publishing which is free to use. It is an excellent community to find out some remarkable pieces of content. This platform provides you an option of category search so that you may search on the popular topics and pick up those about which you wish to write. You may also log in to create a free account and download Medium on your mobile or desktop. Follow up the categories or individuals on the platform. Once you start with it, the latest stories will start coming in your feed.
  3. Quora:QuoraImage Source : dainikbhaskar.comIt is among the best communities that could let you know how to find a trending content. Whenever you want to ideate some content piece, check out the popular question at Quora. It is platform that provides you with the options of following the most relevant topics. Once you have logged in Quora, you will get top stories the Qura newsfeed. You may also go for new questions to get the latest questions. You will get a lot of interesting questions in this community which could be inspiring for your next blog.
  4. Google trends:It is another free tool that can host interesting features. It will allow you to make a comparative research of the keyword to know which topic is in the trend at the most. It is an essential tool to provide trends for Google shopping, videos, images as well as the web. Even the trending stories for any particular location or category can also be looked for.
  5. Buzzsumo:BuzzsumoImage Source : are a lot of content pieces shared on the social media channels. All of these Google content pieces are valuable and unique in their own way. One must catch a hold over these pieces to know about what is going well all around. Buzzsumo is such a tool that will let you find the niche pieces having the highest number of social shares. Type any keyword or a sample topic to get the URLs of all such pieces including the number of shares each of them has on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.
  6. Reddit:There are many communities which are not popular enough but are quite valuable. Reddit is such a community that will allow you to find the content which is fairly exciting to create your next blog. The content will be presented on the basis of its popularity and freshness. You will see tabs like new to look, rising or hot for the trending topics.
  7. Linkedin pulse:Linkedin pulse
    Image Source : interprosepr.comLinkedinPulse will allow you to find some of the popular professional conversation and top stories on daily basis. Editors of LinkedIn curate this stuff which is then published on its platform. Click on ‘what people are talking about now’ to get the most viral topics.
  8. Pocket:Content marketers must give a look to this app.The core feature of pocket is that it allows you to save your favourite content and will refer it anywhere, anytime. The app has been updated with an ‘explore’ tab where the niche keywords could be typed and its related content are displayed and saved. The pocket app some other useful sections as well like must reads, trending and recommended.
  9. EpicBeat:EpicBeatImage Source : blog.poplink.ioIt is another freemium tool that presents trending cool content in the business vertical. A search bar can simply be used in the tool to find the author or the topic URL. There is a unique search assistant feature in EpicBeat that will give you suggestion for websites, authors and keywords on the basis of your interest. The tool also has an advanced search feature so that your search is more accurate. It allows you to analyze the top shares and Google content pieces while providing you the list of all those who has recently shared those pieces.
  10. Social mention:It is another cool app for finding trending content in 2018. Just enter the keyword and get the niche content in the real- time. It will allow you to look about the content pieces in all formats such as videos, microblogs and blogs etc. The tool has an option to search for the exact key phrases so that the results are relevant enough. You may use the content which had been recently viewed in previous day or within 12 hours of the day.
  11. BuzzFeed:BuzzFeedImage Source : smartinsights.comIf you like to see content or get an idea from it, BuzzFeed has a wealth of content with it regarding almost every topic. Whatever is in trend, Buzzfeed has it all. It cannot be regarded as a typical content site or blog where all the topics related to the industry are shown; rather it tells you how to find the topics related to what is showing in the Pop culture.

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